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This manuscript includes:

  • Topical general information oriented around fast-changing technology and what’s new in the world of tech as well as how this new technology and digital communications are pushing the limits of the Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • Discussion of filing pitfalls to pending statute changes, consumer issues with the Consumer Affairs Section of the NCDOJ, and all aspects of a complex commercial loan transaction
  • Examination of the intricate details of a 706 tax return, review of guardianship proceedings for paralegals, and power of attorney litigation and the increase in violations of the fiduciary duties
  • Exploration of where errors and other factors contribute to wrongful convictions and tracing legal steps toward exoneration, some tools and tips to navigate the state court system, and ethics in social media evidence
  • Information about the real property climate, including malpractice claims and lessons learned, the North Carolina/South Carolina boundary realignment, and commercial real estate agreements
  • Assessment of real property situations where drafting either saved the day or caused a lawsuit

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Product Date:
May 05, 2017
NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting | 2017 | Member E-library
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Kevin L Anderson   [ view bio ]
Joyce Brafford   [ view bio ]
Margaret Shea Burnham   [ view bio ]
Christopher L. Burti   [ view bio ]
Sheila W Chavis   [ view bio ]
Daniel Crabbe   [ view bio ]
Troy G Crawford   [ view bio ]
Angela L Haas   [ view bio ]
David L Hayden   [ view bio ]
Edgar S Levy III   [ view bio ]
Natalie J Miller   [ view bio ]
Cheri Myers   [ view bio ]
Kellie Z Myers   [ view bio ]
Theresa A Newman   [ view bio ]
Kelly R Routh   [ view bio ]
W Kirk Sanders   [ view bio ]
Judge A Graham Shirley II   [ view bio ]
Camille Stell   [ view bio ]
Patrick T Strubbe   [ view bio ]
Keith West   [ view bio ]
Jessica L Yañez  [ view bio ]
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