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Advances in science and technology are changing every aspect of society.

In the medical world, people who were once bound to a wheelchair now rise, walk and function in ways they never dreamed possible.

Ketamine is now being used to treat CRPS/RSD with incredible results.

New developments in medicine are producing alternatives to treatment of chronic pain with medication other than opioids. 

This manuscript focuses on these changes and how we move forward with Workers’ Compensation cases, and provides updates on recent changes to MSAs.

Also learn about updates on cases you need to know as well as ones discussed every day at the office or mediation, including key cases of 2016.

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Product Information
Product Date:
February 02, 2017
Medical Miracles: How Advances in Medicine and Technology are Impacting the Workers' Compensation Landscape (2017 Workers' Compensation Section Annual Meeting) | 2017 | Member E-library
Speaker Information
Charlton L Allen  [ view bio ]
Heather T Baker   [ view bio ]
Sarah C Blair   [ view bio ]
Erin T Collins   [ view bio ]
B Keith Faulkner   [ view bio ]
Mike Fryar, MS CRC, QRP, RN, CCM, CLCP   [ view bio ]
Bruce A Hamilton   [ view bio ]
Meredith R Henderson   [ view bio ]
Leonardo Kapural   [ view bio ]
Shannon P Metcalf   [ view bio ]
J Griffin 'Griff' Morgan   [ view bio ]
James North MD   [ view bio ]
Melanie Schafer   [ view bio ]
Bridget Langer Smith   [ view bio ]
Bob Stitcher   [ view bio ]
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