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Original Program Date: May 12-13, 2017

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New administrations in Raleigh and in Washington, DC may bring changes in environmental priorities, initiatives, policies and rulemaking.

This program focuses on potential changes and developments that are already in process in addition to updates on noteworthy environmental cases and legislation.

Specifically, the program addresses environmental priorities and policies of the new administration in Raleigh, how the Trump administration and the new Congress might address environmental issues, Brownfields Program changes, regulatory responses to TCE exposure risks, environmental litigation in which North Carolina is a party, and developments regarding the attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine.

Planned by the NCBA Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Law Section

  • 2017 at DEQ with Q&A
  • Federal Policy Forecast Panel
  • NC Brownfields Program Programmatic Changes
  • DEQ in Transition
  • State Case Law and Legislative Update
  • TCE and Regulatory Policy
  • Attorney-Client Privilege, Confidentiality, and the Work Product Doctrine: Traps for the Inattentive Litigator
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Date Presented:
May 12, 2017 8:25 AM Eastern
4 hours, 35 minutes
Changes Abound: New Policies, New Priorities in Environmental Law (2017 Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Law Section Annual Meeting)

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Speaker Information
Stanford D Baird   [ view bio ]
Caroline Nasrallah Belk   [ view bio ]
Jeffrey F Cherry   [ view bio ]
John Gallagher   [ view bio ]
James L Joyce   [ view bio ]
Mary Penny Kelley   [ view bio ]
Lee Lilley   [ view bio ]
Jessica M Marlies   [ view bio ]
Nathaniel B 'Nat' Mund  [ view bio ]
Bruce Nicholson   [ view bio ]
Brooks Rainey Pearson   [ view bio ]
Warren T Savage   [ view bio ]
Michael Scott   [ view bio ]
William Service   [ view bio ]
Robin W Smith   [ view bio ]
Sean M Sullivan   [ view bio ]
Jeffrey B Tyburski   [ view bio ]
Carole Jones Van Buren   [ view bio ]
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