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Compliance with the Public Records Act has become increasingly complex as a result of new technology and the increased use of social media. 

More complexity arises from the regulatory requirements for the creation of data to demonstrate permit or program compliance.

Sanctions from the courts arise from failure to properly preserve public records under the Rules of Evidence, and litigation holds create even more challenges for practitioners.

The Administrative Law and Government & Public Sector Sections have combined to examine the challenge of avoiding being lost in the whiteout that comes from too much public information to manage. 

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Product Information
Product Date:
January 19, 2017
The Public Records Act and New Technology: How to Prevent a Whiteout (Joint Program Administrative Law and Government & Public Sector Sections and 2017 Government & Public Sector Section Annual Meeting) | 2017 | Member E-library
Speaker Information
Powell Baggett   [ view bio ]
Frayda S Bluestein   [ view bio ]
Matthew A Cordell  [ view bio ]
Andrew D. Hargrove   [ view bio ]
Norma R Houston   [ view bio ]
John T McHugh   [ view bio ]
J Brandon Poole   [ view bio ]
S Mujeeb Shah-Khan   [ view bio ]
Robin W Smith   [ view bio ]
Shannon H Tufts   [ view bio ]
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