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This manuscript provides timely insights into many of the emerging issues impacting today’s bankruptcy practitioner. It features general information applicable to all bankruptcy attorneys, as well as content specific to consumer and business bankruptcy issues.  

The materials:

  • Examine the economic factors driving recent trends in bankruptcy filings
  • Evaluate ethical issues in changing legal markets
  • Analyze tax issues related to bankruptcy  
  • Consider numerous hot topics arising in business and consumer bankruptcies
  • Examine North Carolina’s Mortgage Modification Mediation pilot program  
  • Discuss bankruptcy crimes and criminal referrals
  • Examine the ins and outs of stale claims in bankruptcy 
  • Review the Report of the ABI Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11

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Product Information
Product Date:
November 18, 2016
39th Annual Bankruptcy Institute | 2016 | Member E-library
Speaker Information
Shelley K Abel   [ view bio ]
James B Angell  [ view bio ]
Joseph A. Bledsoe III   [ view bio ]
Edward C. Boltz   [ view bio ]
William Brewer Jr.   [ view bio ]
Ross J Bromberger   [ view bio ]
Stephanie J Butler   [ view bio ]
Vernon J Cahoon   [ view bio ]
Judge Joseph N Callaway   [ view bio ]
John Paul H 'JP' Cournoyer   [ view bio ]
Timothy J Dragelin   [ view bio ]
Caren D Enloe   [ view bio ]
Christopher C Fialko   [ view bio ]
Kiah T Ford IV   [ view bio ]
Terri L Gardner   [ view bio ]
David G. Gray, Jr.   [ view bio ]
Melissa B Jacoby  [ view bio ]
Chief Judge Lena M James   [ view bio ]
Christine M Lamb   [ view bio ]
Jennifer B. Lyday   [ view bio ]
Marjorie K Lynch   [ view bio ]
W. Thomas McCuiston   [ view bio ]
William P Miller   [ view bio ]
Francisco T Morales   [ view bio ]
Clint S Morse   [ view bio ]
Anna B Osterhout   [ view bio ]
Igor Roitburg   [ view bio ]
Craig Shapiro   [ view bio ]
Jeanette M Stark  [ view bio ]
J Caleb Thomas   [ view bio ]
The Honorable John E. Waites   [ view bio ]
Benjamin E F B Waller   [ view bio ]
Joshua T. Walthall   [ view bio ]
Judge J Craig Whitley   [ view bio ]
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