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Phone/Audio Streaming 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Program: 1:00-2:00p

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Text messages are no longer a niche practice, short notes exchanged among family and friends.

Like email before, text messaging has become so mainstream that clients now routinely text their attorneys about sensitive case matters.

Clients may ask about the status of a case, provide facts about a case, communicate decisions to a lawyer, or message a variety of other sensitive information.

These messages are often to attorney mobile phones that are used extensively for personal purposes, unsecured in their transmission, and easily accessible by third parties.

This new wave of lawyer-client communication raises many difficult ethical questions and questions about preserving the attorney-client privilege.

This program provides a guide to the ethical issues when attorneys and their clients text message, including maintaining client confidences, securing mixed use mobile phones, and preserving the attorney-client privilege.

  • Ethics and attorney-client privilege issues when attorneys and client text message
  • Confidentiality issues involving unsecured transmission of texts involving sensitive case issues
  • How to handle mobile phones used for both personal purposes and law practice
  • Potential loss of the attorney-client privilege when text messages are accessible by third parties
  • Tension among the duties of competence, prudence and to communicate with clients
  • Understanding the ethical risks and counseling clients about the risks to their case when texting
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January 20, 2017 1:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Lawyer Ethics and Texting | Phone/Audio Streaming

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  • Program time and length: 1:00-2:00p EST (1 hour per program)
  • What is a Phone/Audio Streaming Seminar?
  • Phone/Audio Streaming seminars do not count against the State Bar's six-hour credit limit (per credit year) for computer-based CLE.
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Brian S Faughnan   [ view bio ]
Thomas E Spahn  [ view bio ]
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