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This manuscript addresses a broad array of topics relating to complex white collar criminal law in both federal and state court.

Learn how today’s practices differ from those in the past and receive a forecast of what may be ahead.

Content covers a wide variety of practical aspects of business crimes, including:

  • Possible heightened risks for individual executives per DOJ’s new Yates Memo
  • The range of ethical issues that arise in internal investigation
  • The importance of advocacy at the pre-charge phase  
  • A primer on the government’s tools for following (and seizing) “the money”
  • Some tips on common grounds for effective downward variance motions in white collar cases
  • Advice on the importance of preserving issues in business crimes trials

In short, this manuscript provides invaluable and practical information for lawyers who practice in criminal, corporate and regulatory compliance settings.

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Product Information
Product Date:
May 13, 2016
The Evolving Trends of White Collar Criminal Law in North Carolina (2016 White Collar Crime Program) | 2016 | Member E-library
Speaker Information
Peter C Anderson   [ view bio ]
Benjamin Bain-Creed   [ view bio ]
Martin L Brackett, Jr   [ view bio ]
Joseph B 'Joe' Cheshire V   [ view bio ]
Locke T Clifford   [ view bio ]
James P. Cooney, III   [ view bio ]
Brian S Cromwell   [ view bio ]
Ann Hester   [ view bio ]
Josh Howard   [ view bio ]
Sarah F Hutchins   [ view bio ]
Jasmine S McGhee   [ view bio ]
Claire J Rauscher   [ view bio ]
Eben T Rawls, III   [ view bio ]
Amy E Ray   [ view bio ]
Amy E Richardson   [ view bio ]
David Rudolf   [ view bio ]
Wade M Smith   [ view bio ]
James F Wyatt, III   [ view bio ]
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