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This manuscript addresses a broad array of criminal law topics ranging from practical aspects to public policy discussions at the state and federal level.  

Subjects include:

  • The changes in Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  • An exploration into the state of incarcerations and racial issues at the state and national level
  • The process of how a case gets heard in front of the Innocence Inquiry Commission
  • Stakeholders’ viewpoints of the ethical issues facing our criminal justice system

In short, the manuscript examines where our criminal justice stands among the stakeholders and what the future holds.

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Product Information
Product Date:
February 26, 2016
NC Criminal Justice: "The Future is Here!" (2016 Criminal Justice Section Annual Meeting) | 2016 | Member E-library
Speaker Information
Locke Bell   [ view bio ]
Joseph B 'Joe' Cheshire V   [ view bio ]
Locke T Clifford   [ view bio ]
Sean Devereux   [ view bio ]
James E. Ferguson II   [ view bio ]
Robert C 'Bert' Kemp III  [ view bio ]
Joel N Oakley   [ view bio ]
Judge W Douglas Parsons   [ view bio ]
Stacy Rubain   [ view bio ]
Wade M Smith   [ view bio ]
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