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In today’s ever-changing and fast-paced economy, clients seek real estate attorneys that can assist them in identifying, preventing, and/or resolving both common and complex real estate problems that may arise at any stage of the transaction.

This manuscript is designed to help educate attorneys about developments in real estate law and provide the tools necessary to avoid, manage, and resolve the above-described problems.


  • Understand how laws, cases, and land use law developments may affect your real estate practice
  • Discover the world of solar farm projects and how to review, understand and negotiate the key provisions of leases between the landowner and the solar developer
  • Acquire the skills necessary to navigate tax law issues that real estate attorneys encounter on a daily basis
  • Learn from first-hand accounts of the common problems that arise in connection with the formation of planned use and condominium communities/developments and how to resolve these issues after the fact 
  • Learn how to recognize and avoid common pitfalls in residential and commercial transactions that result in real estate claims

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Product Information
Product Date:
February 19, 2016
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Margaret Shea Burnham   [ view bio ]
Troy G Crawford   [ view bio ]
Marcus G. Garren   [ view bio ]
Brian Kernaghan   [ view bio ]
Jennifer L Kerrigan   [ view bio ]
Amy Lanning   [ view bio ]
Laura M Loyek   [ view bio ]
Kimberly A Richards   [ view bio ]
Jeremy Shrader   [ view bio ]
Michael C. Thelen   [ view bio ]
Keith A Wood CPA, JD   [ view bio ]
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