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Interested in the science behind the coal ash controversy?

What about fracking?   

Is contaminated groundwater flowing beneath or towards your client’s site?  

Could the air in your client’s building be contaminated?  

If you practice, or desire to practice, in the environmental arena or in any other field of law where the facts pertinent to the natural world and its challenges are relevant, and you don't have a strong science background (or need a refresher), this manuscript is very much for you. 

Highly credentialed, articulate authors from the academic, regulatory and consulting worlds provide you the basics you need regarding all environmental media, the science that affects them, and the ins and outs of addressing contamination.  

It would be difficult to find a more informative, comprehensive manuscript relating to these matters. 

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Product Information
Product Date:
January 28, 2016
Environmental Science for Attorneys | 2016 | Member E-library
Speaker Information
John L. Daniels   [ view bio ]
John Dorney   [ view bio ]
Rob Gelblum   [ view bio ]
John Haselow   [ view bio ]
Dr. Pat Hicks   [ view bio ]
Amy Keyworth   [ view bio ]
Richard "Rick" A. Kolb   [ view bio ]
Dr. Joe Rossabi   [ view bio ]
Dr. Chris Saranko   [ view bio ]
William Service   [ view bio ]
Grady Lee Shields   [ view bio ]
Dr. Kenneth Taylor   [ view bio ]
Dr. Timothy "Tim" Watkins   [ view bio ]
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