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The reality is that any attorney at any age can be faced with the need to close a law practice with little or no warning, regardless of cause. A comprehensive procedural guide to managing the logistics of closing a law practice, this updated Third Edition of Turning Out the Lights: Planning for Closing Your Law Practice: 

  • provides an overview of the NC State Bar's 2014 addition of a "retired" category of "Inactive Member";
  • discusses the relatively recent concept of law firm marketability;
  • offers suggestions for planning a sabbatical or an extended absence;
  • includes several updated sample letters that track more closely with the applicable Rule(s) of Professional Liability;
  • provides additional references to applicable Rule(s) of Professional Liability;
  • expands upon contextual explanation to help the user know when each sample document should be used and what other documents would be useful in the particular situation; and
  • references additional resources that the user may find useful for further understanding.

The fully-searchable electronic version is complete with fillable and printable forms, form letters and checklists that you won't want to be without.

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Product Date:
September 22, 2016
Turning Out the Lights: Planning for Closing Your Law Practice, Third Edition

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Editor William E. Rabil Jr.   [ view bio ]
Editor Mark Scruggs   [ view bio ]
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