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Original Program Date: April 29-30, 2016

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Pull out your tool box and let’s give it an update!

The 2016 Annual Family Law meeting focuses on new “tools” for the family law practitioner including the following:  

  • Annual case law update  
  • Retirement plans including federal and military retirement  
  • Same-sex marriages  
  • Representing the dependent spouse in alimony cases 
  • Estate planning for the domestic client  
  • Enforcing court orders with contempt motions

Planned by the NCBA Family Law Section

Product Information
Product Date:
April 29, 2016
  • Case Law Update Part 1
  • She Does and She Does, Now What Do I Do? Same Sex Marriage
  • Contempt in Family Law
  • Getting Lost in Our Own Lives | Substance Abuse/Mental Health Hour
  • Case Law Update Part 2
  • Representing the Dependent Spouse
  • About-Face: The Gradual Turnaround of the Federal and Military Retirement Systems
  • Essential tips for dealing with retirement benefits in divorce: Old and New
  • Legislative Update
Updating the Family Lawyer's Toolkit (2016 Family Law Section Annual Meeting)

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Speaker Information
Justin R Ervin, III   [ view bio ]
Nancy L Grace   [ view bio ]
David E Holm   [ view bio ]
Afi S Johnson-Parris  [ view bio ]
Mitchell Kelling   [ view bio ]
Patrick S McCroskey   [ view bio ]
Albert James Siemens   [ view bio ]
Bob Stitcher   [ view bio ]
Alice C Stubbs   [ view bio ]
Mark Sullivan   [ view bio ]
Ryan M. Tarrant   [ view bio ]
Lorion M Vitale   [ view bio ]
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General: 6.00
Substance Abuse/Mental Health (SA/MH): 1.00
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