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The practice of criminal law is complex: in addition to the guidelines, rules, statutes, case law and evidentiary requirements, you must also be prepared for the nuances of each individual case. In other words, there may be more than one right way to handle a particular criminal matter.

This comprehensive resource is a great starting point for those who may be new to the area of criminal law. It delves into the key areas of criminal practice, including:

  • Basic concepts
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes
  • Statutes
  • Case law
  • Editable/fillable forms

Written by seasoned criminal law attorneys, this guide offers an invaluable culmination of expertise earned through years of practice and research that is not easily or quickly obtained (until now)! 

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Product Information
Product Date:
January 25, 2016
North Carolina General Practitioner's Guide to Criminal Law (2016)

Page Count: 498 pp.

Page Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

Book Binding: Custom 3-ring binder



Forms: To open any form/appendix in the book without leaving the main document, simply click on the interactive button ("Click to Open"), which will open either a PDF form with fillable fields or a fully editable MS Word form.  Customize and save the form to your desktop or other device!

Side-Panel TOC: Located side-by-side with the page view, convenient hyperlinks to each major section allow you to easily navigate the book without flipping back and forth to the front matter.

Fully Searchable: Quickly find all instances of a word or phrase that occur within the book.




Speaker Information
Elliot S. Abrams   [ view bio ]
Jason Aycoth   [ view bio ]
Damon Chetson   [ view bio ]
C. Melody Edwardo   [ view bio ]
Timothy Gunther   [ view bio ]
Kevin P. Harrison   [ view bio ]
Kim Howes   [ view bio ]
Managing Editor: M. Moseley Matheson   [ view bio ]
Jeremy L. McKinney   [ view bio ]
Nathan L. McKinney   [ view bio ]
Mary Stansell   [ view bio ]
Raymond C. Tarlton   [ view bio ]
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