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Charlotte and Chapel Hill | Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson PA

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 

Registration: 11:45a
Program: 12:25-2:00p


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  • Historically, individuals and companies lacked legal personality under international law.  This meant that a wrong done to a national of one state in the territory and by the government of another state was considered to be a wrong against the national’s state not the national itself.  The national had no substantive rights nor did it have rights to bring a claim in its own name under international law.  
  • Now, thanks to the development of a substantial body of treaties -- bilateral and multilateral investment treaties -- individuals and companies have both legal personality and the right to bring claims in the event of adverse actions by host governments against their investments.  
  • The United States and many other countries are party to numerous investment treaties, which provide both substantive legal protections and procedural mechanisms for making claims against a host government.  The result of many such procedures is a directly enforceable arbitral award.
  • Just as companies consider the most tax efficient structure for international investments, so too they should consider how these treaties can protect their investments.
  • International investors also have the ability to obtain insurance, from both private- and public-sector providers, which can protect them from some of the same political risks.
  • This presentation is intended to provide an introduction to these aspects of international investment protection law.

Planned by the NCBA International Law Section. 

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May 05, 2015
  • Conditions on Applicability of Investment Protection Treaties
  • Substantive Protections Afforded by Bilateral and Multilateral Investment Treaties
  • Different Procedural Mechanisms for Dispute Resolution
  • Political Risk Insurance
International Law Lunch and Learn: Introduction to International Investment Protection Law

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Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson PA

Charlotte | 101 North Tryon Street, Suite 1900, Charlotte, NC 28246 Directions | 704.377.2536

Chapel Hill | 1450 Raleigh Road, Suite 100, Chapel Hill, NC 27517 Directions | 919.328.8800


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James Joseph Waters   [ view bio ]
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