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Original Program Date: May 1-2, 2015

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Your closing argument is finished.

You sit down, exhausted, to a client scribbling furiously and demanding why you didn’t mention that time he yelled at her mom in front of the kids.  And the time he forgot her birthday.  And the time he refused to go to her family reunion.

You talked about his late nights and hidden texts. You talked about his anger and control and verbal abuse. You talked about her years at home with the academically gifted children and how much work that “job” truly was. You talked about all of the parties she threw, social functions she attended, and contacts she made to increase the visibility of his business and his earning potential.

What more does she want . . . alimony is like throwing darts in the dark.

They grilled her on her crazy spending, job possibilities, and lack of bedroom skills. They suggested she had an “emotional affair” with her Starbucks barista and that she drank wine like it was water.

What were you to do . . . alimony is like throwing darts in the dark. 

You told every sordid detail about their twenty-three year marriage, but what did the Judge think was important? Is it really only about the numbers?  Why is the outcome of an alimony claim so uncertain?

This annual meeting CLE provides unmatched insight on the topic of alimony by sharing the ins and outs about the subject and trial tips from some of the best.  We surveyed our NC district court judges, so if you want to know what the Judges are doing and thinking, you need to buy your tickets now for The Alimony Tour.

Planned by the NCBA Family Law Section.

Product Information
Product Date:
May 01, 2015
  • Case Law Update
  • Income and Dependency
  • Changes between Date of Separation and Date of Trial/Mediation and Date of Trial to Date of Entry of Order
  • Alimony factors – What are They and Do They Matter
  • Modification and Substantial Changes in Circumstances
  • Getting Paid! Attorney's Fees in PSS/Alimony Cases
  • Alimony Reform
The Alimony Tour - Not Starring John Cleese (2015 Family Law Section Annual Meeting)

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Speaker Information
Marcia Armstrong   [ view bio ]
Heidi C. Bloom   [ view bio ]
Andrea M. Bosquez-Porter   [ view bio ]
Rebecca E. Eggers-Gryder   [ view bio ]
Jonathan D. Feit   [ view bio ]
Katherine A. Frye   [ view bio ]
C. Ray Grantham, Jr.   [ view bio ]
Lee Hawley   [ view bio ]
Elizabeth J. James   [ view bio ]
James W. Lea III   [ view bio ]
Patrick S. McCroskey   [ view bio ]
Kevin L. Miller   [ view bio ]
Amy E. Simpson Fiorenza   [ view bio ]
Kimberly S. Taylor   [ view bio ]
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