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   "Great materials;
   Love the book."

   - Attendee, 2013 ABCs         of DWI with Chad D.           Garrett, part of the
    ABCs of NC Law Series

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The ABCs of Criminal Court was written based on the philosophy that, in any area of law, knowledge should begin and end with statutory and case law authority, a principle that assures accuracy. But how do we become experts in criminal law when there is such an unwieldy bulk of information? We learn 20 percent of information that we need 80 percent of the time! 

Every topic explored in this book is one that is essential to a criminal court practice. Each topic surveys the most imperative 20 percent, and generates guideposts to lend you to the remaining 80 percent. Whether a new attorney or an experienced practitioner, the wisdom necessary to be a great criminal lawyer is found within these pages.

This book is not designed to be left on a bookshelf to collect dust, but to be carried in one’s briefcase or court-bag to serve as a quick reference for that 80 percent of information that remains the same trial-to-trial — defenses, questions of proper opening and closing techniques, voir dire questions, evidentiary foundations, etc. It serves as a complete, all-in-one reference source that serves as a 20 percent foundation that will grow your confidence and criminal practice to 100 percent of its potential.  

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February 12, 2015
ABCs of Criminal Court by Chad D. Garrett

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Chad D. Garrett   [ view bio ]
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