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 Original Program Date: February 21, 2014 

Available via Video Replay.

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This CLE program exposes practitioners from all areas of practice to the basics that they need to know about identifying issues in white collar cases, including regulatory and criminal investigations and how to approach the delicate art of addressing multiple "parallel proceedings" involving simultaneous criminal, civil, and/ or regulatory proceedings.

This program is of particular benefit to civil litigators, in house counsel, and corporate attorneys who would like to be able to issue spot risks to their corporate and executive clients.

It is a valuable resource to practitioners in general criminal and white collar criminal law.

Planned by the NCBA Criminal Justice Section

Product Information
Product Date:
February 21, 2014
  • Representing Individuals and Companies Under White Collar Investigation - Overview of the process in a federal criminal case, from first contact with authorities through sentencing.
  • Corporate Criminal Investigations & Parallel Proceedings, a Prosecutor’s Perspective
  • Anatomy of a Federal Case - Case studies from cases personally handled with focus on white collar corporate cases.
  • Handling "Parallel" Proceedings: Fielding Matters Involving Regulatory, Criminal, and Civil Threats
  • The Road Less Traveled: How Corporate Compliance Principles Can Pave a Pathway to Declinations
  • Avoiding Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, and Witness Tampering Problems With Ethically Challenged Clients: Saving Your Corporate Clients from Themselves
  • Overview of Recent Fourth Circuit White Collar Cases
  • The Federal Appellate Process
White Collar Crime Investigations and Parallel Proceedings - Complex Issues That Span Practice Areas
Speaker Information
Peter C Anderson   [ view bio ]
J.P. Davis   [ view bio ]
Kearns Davis   [ view bio ]
Christopher C. Fialko   [ view bio ]
James Galyean   [ view bio ]
The Honorable Carl Horn, III   [ view bio ]
Kurt W. Meyers   [ view bio ]
Kirsten E. Small   [ view bio ]
William R. Terpening   [ view bio ]
H. Monroe Whitesides, Jr.   [ view bio ]
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