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If you have ever participated in the trial or arbitration of a construction defects case, you are all too familiar with the endless amounts of paper and discovery that follows. From the difficulty with streamlining the litigation given the multiple parties involved; the constant battle of numbers and experts as you deal with cost repair estimates; and the looming issue of how you are going to keep the judge, jury's or arbitrator's attention, all the while trying to streamline evidence to keep the case as simple and straightforward as possible, constructing a construction defects case is no easy feat. In this material, you will receive strategies to deal with these issues and much, much more. 

This material is designed to:

  • take you through each step of the process of a construction case from intake to trial, motions to discovery, to case themes and the trial or arbitration itself.
  • cover common insurance issues that plague all of these cases and conclude with a case law update of this psat year's cases in the field of construction. 
Product Information
Product Date:
September 27, 2013
Constructing the Trial of a Construction Defect Case: Building to a Verdict (2013 NC/SC Joint Construction Law Program) | Manuscript
Speaker Information
Judge James R. Barber III   [ view bio ]
Deborah J. Bowers   [ view bio ]
Henry W. Brown   [ view bio ]
Daniel K. Bryson   [ view bio ]
Fred W. Devore III   [ view bio ]
L. Franklin Elmore   [ view bio ]
A Holt Gwyn   [ view bio ]
Herbert W. Hamilton   [ view bio ]
Susan Holman MD   [ view bio ]
Judge David C. Norton   [ view bio ]
Steve M. Pharr   [ view bio ]
Judge Martin K. Reidinger   [ view bio ]
Michael S. Seekings   [ view bio ]
Franklin J. Smith Jr.   [ view bio ]
Kent T. Stair   [ view bio ]
Jay M. Wilkerson   [ view bio ]
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