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Original Program Date: May 9, 2013 

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Possession of marijuana, the dried flowers of the Cannabis sativa plant, has been illegal under federal and state law across the United States since the late 1930s. 

The criminalization of marijuana possession has spurred major developments in law and law enforcement.

But since California’s passage of a medical marijuana proposition in 1996, a wave of marijuana law reform has been rising.

By 2012, eighteen states had passed some form of medical marijuana program, and two states had voted to legalize marijuana under their state laws, despite its continuing criminalization under federal law.

Is national marijuana prohibition ending, as alcohol prohibition ended in the 1930s? 

This program examines some of the fascinating legal conflicts and policy debates surrounding marijuana law reform in the United States and North Carolina.

  • NC’s Status Quo: The New Jim Crow?
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Taxation and Revenue Considerations for Marijuana Laws
  • Response to Presenters: Views from the Bench, the Bar and Law Enforecement
Product Information
Product Date:
May 09, 2013
"Marijuana Law Reform: The End of Prohibition?" Developments and Implications for NC
Speaker Information
Daryl V. Atkinson   [ view bio ]
James E Ferguson II   [ view bio ]
Burley B. Mitchell, Jr.   [ view bio ]
H. Patrick Oglesby   [ view bio ]
Frank R. Parrish   [ view bio ]
Ben C. Scales, Jr.   [ view bio ]
Richard B. Whisnant   [ view bio ]
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