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"In a Nutshell" Program Planner's Guidelines

This sheet provides an overview of the Program Planner’s Guide. Please refer to your program planner packet for additional information.

"In a Nutshell" Speaker's Guidelines

This sheet provides an overview of the “CLE Speaker’s Guide”. Please refer to your speaker packet for additional information.

NCBA CLE Program Planner's Guidebook

Topics include:

•  Getting Organized
•  Construction of the Program Agenda
•  Selecting the Speakers
•  Provide Guidance to the Speakers
•  Plan Marketing Strategy
•  Edit the Manuscripts
•  Program Functions
•  Program Evaluation
•  Incidental Information
•  Program Planner Questions

NCBA CLE Speaker's Guidebook

Topics include: 

•  Support from CLE's Staff
•  Tips for Writing Program Materials
•  Technical Preparation of Program Materials
•  Tips for Speakers
•  Facilities and Audiovisual Equipment
•  Tips for Using Visual Aids Effectively
•  On the Day of the Program...

NC State Bar Teacher's Request for CLE Credit

This sheet is used to submit to get a signature for submitting teaching credit.  The NCBA will use this form to submit teaching credit and attendance to the NC State Bar. 

NCBAF Expense Report for Reimbursement

This form can be used for reimbursement of expenses incurred. Please reference the second page of this form for reimbursement policies before filling out and submitting to the NCBA.










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