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The Modern Family (2012 Basics of Family Law) delivers invaluable information and practical tips from the best of the profession in a fast-moving, general overview format that addresses issues critical to understanding and effectively practicing family law.

Walk away with comprehensive materials and forms and get answers to questions such as:

  • How to draft orders on custody, child support, alimony and equitable distribution?
  • Can I be both a courteous professional and a zealous advocate?
  • How to effectively handle the client intake interview?
  • How do I secure payment for my services and prevent misunderstandings regarding financial arrangements?
  • How do I effectively and thoroughly examine a witness in a deposition or trial?
  • How can the Rules of Civil Procedure work for me and how do I manage, control and properly follow courtroom procedure?
  • What are the tax considerations and implications to child support, spousal support, and property distribution?
  • What are the various forms of retirement benefits and how do I divide each of them?
  • What information can I find on a tax return and how can I use that information to learn more about a party's income or assets?
  • How and when do I use a free trader agreement and the different types of real property deeds and how do I interpret and analyze a real estate appraisal?
  • What alternative dispute resolutions exist for my clients?
  • How do I manage and what documents do I need for mediation or arbitration?
Product Information
Product Date:
November 08, 2012
The Modern Family (2012 Basics of Family Law) | Manuscript
Speaker Information
D. Caldwell Barefoot Jr.   [ view bio ]
Shelby D. Benton   [ view bio ]
Amy L Britt  [ view bio ]
Carole Bruce   [ view bio ]
Nancy L. Grace   [ view bio ]
Judge (Retired) K. Edward Greene   [ view bio ]
J. Randal Hunter   [ view bio ]
Jill S. Jackson   [ view bio ]
Patrick S McCroskey   [ view bio ]
Arlene M. Reardon   [ view bio ]
John L Sarratt   [ view bio ]
Richard D. Stephens   [ view bio ]
Robin J. Stinson   [ view bio ]
Jonathan G. Strickland   [ view bio ]
Kary C. Watson   [ view bio ]
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