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Original Program: May 3, 2019

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This program offers opportunities to grow and update your professional knowledge and network with others in your field.

Hear from some of North Carolina’s top legal professionals on a variety of topics designed to educate and update you and to energize your career.

At this advanced-level, one-day program, you have an opportunity to gain the following benefits:

  • Learn fundamental information about cryptocurrencies and blockchains and understand how these technologies affect the discovery process for litigation teams and professionals working in e-discovery.
  • Review applicable rules that govern the world of e-discovery, hear real-world examples of the ways things can go wrong and find out how to fix them.
  • Hear about the very real problem of human trafficking and find out how North Carolina citizens and courts are being affected.
  • Understand key topics of the new Session Law 2018-45, including changes that affect boards of directors and officers, voting trusts, shareholder agreements, mergers that follow tender offers, appraisal rights, short-form mergers into non-corporate parent entities, and a new statutory ratification procedure for defective actions or share issuances.
  • Receive the latest real estate news and discuss the most frequent claims, new legislation and recent trends affecting your practice.
  • Review the details and procedures that make trying a criminal case in North Carolina different and exciting.
  • Examine the December 2018 changes to the WDNC Local Rules and the modifications to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Become well-versed in the general status of immigration law resulting from the recent government shutdown through recent court cases and presidential orders and learn how these changes have affected enforcement policies.
  • Hear from a North Carolina Supreme Court Justice on her take of modern ethical dilemmas faced by North Carolina paralegals.

Planned by the NCBA Paralegal Division

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Product Information
Product Date:
May 03, 2019
  • Blockchain and E-discovery | J Wilson
  • Real Estate | Curing Title Defects | Overfield
  • Corporate | Employment Law Fundamentals: Common Employer Misconceptions and Mistakes | Wood
  • Litigation | Finding the Calm in the E-discovery Fire Drill | Durham
  • General | Human Trafficking 101 | A Wilson
  • Real Estate | Commercial Leasing | Bagley
  • Corporate | 2018 Changes to the North Carolina Business Corporations Act | Clement
  • Litigation | Trial and Error: 10 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable as a Litigation Paralegal | Tomberlin
  • General | 212: Counting Down to Raise the Age | Sokolich and Taraska
  • Real Estate | Hottest Topics in Real Estate Law | Ferguson
  • Corporate | A Practical Approach to GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act and NC’s Revised Proposal for Amending NC’s Identity Theft Protection Act | Whitaker
  • Litigation | Tips for Paralegals Venturing into Family Law | Bradshaw
  • General | North Carolina Criminal Jury Trials: How Did That Just Happen?! | Beechler
  • Real Estate | E-commerce in Real Estate Law | Stallworth and Thigpen
  • Corporate | Best Practices in Corporate Governance | Southern
  • Litigation | Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: WDNC Local Rules Updates and Modifications Under the New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure | Davis
  • General | Hot Topics in Immigration Law | Yanez
  • Real-Life Ethical Dilemmas for Paralegals | Justice Earls
2019 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting
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VIDEO REPLAYS. The agenda may not include certain breakouts/tracks shown at the original program.  

The litigation track will be featured in the video replays. Materials for all tracks are provided to attendees.

Speaker Information
Leigh C Bagley   [ view bio ]
Christopher A Beechler  [ view bio ]
Ruth I Bradshaw   [ view bio ]
Ann M Cantrell  [ view bio ]
David B Clement  [ view bio ]
Stephanie C Crosby   [ view bio ]
David K Davis   [ view bio ]
Joshua B Durham  [ view bio ]
Justice Anita S Earls   [ view bio ]
Stephanie B Elliott   [ view bio ]
Nancy S Ferguson   [ view bio ]
Melissa Stockley Jones   [ view bio ]
Katelyn A Morton   [ view bio ]
John C Overfield   [ view bio ]
Kimberly A Sokolich  [ view bio ]
Elizabeth C Southern   [ view bio ]
Ozie H Stallworth  [ view bio ]
Heather L Taraska  [ view bio ]
Jeff L Thigpen  [ view bio ]
Allison C Tomberlin   [ view bio ]
Nicole Whitaker   [ view bio ]
Adam L Wilson   [ view bio ]
John Wilson   [ view bio ]
Charlot F Wood   [ view bio ]
Jessica L Yañez  [ view bio ]
Allison D Yezek   [ view bio ]
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Certified Paralegal Education (CPE) (Total): 6.00
General: 5.00
Ethics/Professional Responsibility: 1.00
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