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Original Program: You Taking Care of Business: How Good Lawyers Become Great Business Partners (2019 Corporate Counsel Section CLE & Annual Meeting), January 25, 2019

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As in-house counsel, your legal knowledge and expertise is only one component of being a highly-successful legal partner. Your legal and business practical skills are equally paramount to your overall success at your company.

This CLE concentrates on providing you with the skills necessary to excel at being not only a good lawyer, but a great business partner as well.

Join us as we "take care of business" and learn from leading general counsels and other legal and business experts "how good lawyers become great business partners."

Don’t miss out as we learn "how good lawyers become great business partners" by:

  • Contributing to a successful legal department and exuding executive presence as in-house counsel
  • Taking care of your company’s brand and formulating sound legal arguments in a crisis
  • Creating efficiencies in managing contracts and handling contract negotiations
  • Minimizing stress for yourself and your business partners while running productive meetings
  • Managing your workflow by utilizing the power of technology

Planned by the NCBA Corporate Counsel Law Section

Satisfies NC State Bar Technology Training requirement.

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Product Information
Product Date:
January 25, 2019
Chapter 1 | General Counsel Roundtable: How to Take Care of Business While Exuding Executive Presence | 122 minutes

In this session, hear from a panel of diverse general counsels as they share how to take care of business in managing legal departments of any size, building successful business partnerships with executive management and the board, and developing lessons learned that have attributed to becoming great business partners, all while exuding executive presence.

The roundtable includes a short discussion on how having executive presence contributes to excelling as an in-house counsel, especially in your interactions with the C-suite. How can you exude more executive presence in business meetings?

Hear an interactive discussion between general counsels across our state, during an extended general counsel roundtable session, on the importance of business soft skills in serving the needs of your business clients.

Speaker Information
Wendy B Gow  [ view bio ]
Stacy S Gray  [ view bio ]
Paul J Griffin   [ view bio ]
Jill B Louis  [ view bio ]
Chapter 2 | Damage Control or Control Damages? How Corporate Counsel Can Take Care of the Brand and Legal Arguments in a Crisis | 62 minutes

Every company faces a crisis at some point that puts its legal and brand interests in conflict. Your business clients often want to get out in front, but lawyers typically counsel caution. Given the conflicting incentives, the optimal response strategy can be unclear.

This interactive session helps in-house counsel work with their corporate communications business partners to avoid burning bridges while still putting out the fires.

This session addresses a hypothetical crisis involving cybersecurity and employment, and in doing so, learn how to balance the need to preserve legal arguments and limit liability against the need to effectively address communications and public relations issues.

Panelists offer thoughts on best practices to take care of your company, both in the court of public opinion and in the courtroom.

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Speaker Information
McGavock Edwards   [ view bio ]
Alexander M Pearce  [ view bio ]
Thomas H 'Tom' Segars   [ view bio ]
Kathryn F 'Kathy' Twiddy   [ view bio ]
Chapter 3 | Drafting Solid Contracts While Building Solid Business Relationships | 60 minutes

This session provides practical tips and advice for in-house counsel in drafting contracts and improving contract negotiations to enable you to be a more effective business partner and legal advisor.

In this dynamic discussion, learn how to prepare for negotiations, avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles to optimize your results and enhance your business client relationships.

Explore considerations in managing contracts within your company and gain insight into best practices and standard contract provisions.

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Speaker Information
Keith J Barnett  [ view bio ]
Gregory N 'Greg' Pate   [ view bio ]
Chapter 4 | Taking Care of Yourself and Others: Running Meetings That Minimize Stress and Maximize Productivity | 60 minutes

Meetings done well can be incredibly rewarding, lifting teams and organizations to new heights. On the other hand, meetings not done well waste time, increase frustration, add stress, cause negative co-rumination and are simply draining.

Dr. Rogelberg — a globally-recognized leader on the topic of meetings who has been interviewed on NPR, CBS News, WSJ, Financial Times and other leading media outlets — presents a two-part session that ties into his forthcoming book: The Surprising Science of Meetings (Oxford).

Part 1 provides a quick primer on what we know about meetings from an evidence-based perspective. Yes, there is actually a science around meetings and the effects they have on your health!

Distilling key learnings sets the stage for part 2: a discussion on how to effectively lead meetings to promote effectiveness, engagement and innovation.

This highly- interactive session discusses a strategic approach to running meetings that will reduce stress for you and others. It goes way beyond the simple and banal instruction about having an agenda; this is about establishing better practices and a different mindset to meetings that assures improved value/ROI from the perspective of individual and organizational health, well-being and effectiveness, ultimately making you a better business partner to your clients.

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Speaker Information
Dr Steven G Rogelberg   [ view bio ]
Chapter 5 | Technology for Today and Tomorrow: Managing Your Workflow | 61 minutes

You interact with technology to do your job every day. But, could you do it better?

Lawyers are infamous for not harnessing the power of technology, but as in-house counsel, we have to keep pace with the technological sophistication of our business partners.

This session offers practical skills and useful apps you can use today to improve your work and workflow, and explores the cutting-edge technology on the (near) horizon that could help supercharge your day! 

Satisfies NC State Bar Technology Training requirement

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Speaker Information
Catherine Sanders Reach   [ view bio ]
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