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Original Program: The Assembly Line of Workers' Compensation (2018 Basics of Workers' Compensation Program), November 30, 2018

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Workers’ compensation laws date back to 2050 B.C., when ancient Sumerian law outlined compensation for injury to a worker’s specific body parts.

With the rise of the Industrial Revolution, statewide laws were passed beginning in 1911 to protect injured workers and allow employers to quantify, control and predict their operating costs. As the workplace has continued to evolve, so too have the laws.

When handling cases related to personal injury, employment law, health care, or numerous other areas, you need to have a basic understanding of workers’ compensation claims to effectively represent your clients.

Learn the fundamental steps of a typical workers’ compensation claim as experts guide you through the process and discuss how a claim typically arises, what occurs as the claim plays out and how a claim is ultimately resolved.

Planned by the NCBA Workers' Compensation Section

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November 30, 2018
Chapter 1 | Jurisdiction Under the Workers' Compensation Act | 62 minutes

This session explores the basic aspects of the Industrial Commission’s subject matter jurisdiction under the Workers’ Compensation Act, including employer-employee relationships, covered employers, conditions precedent under G.S. § 97-24 and jurisdiction under G.S. § 97-36 for injuries occurring outside North Carolina.

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Henry C Byrum Jr  [ view bio ]
Chapter 2 | Turning Your J.D. into a M.D: Understanding Medical Issues in Workers' Compensation Law | 62 minutes

This session discusses the common types of injuries you may come across in your workers’ compensation practice and how those injuries typically arise.

It also discusses familiar terminology, treatment and outcomes.

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Brian C Groesser  [ view bio ]
Chapter 3 | Is It Compensable? Injury by Accident and Occupational Disease Claims | 60 minutes

This session reviews the legal description and the differences between the legally defined standards for a compensable injury.

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Amy L Pfeiffer  [ view bio ]
Chapter 4 | Evaluation of Medical Claims: Plaintiff and Defense Perspectives | 61 minutes

This session provides an overview of the factors and calculations of how plaintiffs’ attorneys value cases and how insurance companies evaluate claims.

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Speaker Information
E Kenneth 'Kenny' Coble   [ view bio ]
Barry C Jennings   [ view bio ]
Chapter 5 | Navigating the Industrial Commission: IC Forms and the Administrative Process | 60 minutes

Meredith Henderson of the North Carolina Industrial Commission discusses workers’ compensation as a form- and administrative- driven area of law.

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Meredith R Henderson  [ view bio ]
Chapter 6 | Resolving a Claim: Mediation and Hearings | 60 minutes

In this session, learn how claims get resolved, whether through mediation or the multiple layers of hearings, and how they work.

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T Nicole Tackett  [ view bio ]
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