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Original Program: NCBA You Have Got to Be Crazy to Do This: Working with Mental Health Professionals and Disordered Clients (2018 Family Law Fall CLE), November 30, 2018

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This session goes through a direct examination and cross-examination of an expert psychologist.

In addition to the direct and cross examination, objections are made with rulings on said objections.

Some topics illustrated in this session include:

  • How expert witnesses are different from lay witnesses
  • Trial court’s current "gatekeeper" role
  • How to qualify your expert witness
  • Reliability of expert testimony
  • Basis for expert opinions

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November 30, 2018
Direct Examination and Cross-Examination of an Expert Psychologist in a Family Law: Demonstration and Trial Skills | 2018 | On Demand
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Judge Michael J Denning   [ view bio ]
J Gregory 'Greg' Hatcher  [ view bio ]
Jill S Jackson  [ view bio ]
Kari F Lenox, PhD  [ view bio ]
Arlene M Zipp   [ view bio ]
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