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Original Program: 34th Annual North Carolina/South Carolina Labor & Employment Law Program, October 12-13, 2018

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The October 2017 Term of the Supreme Court of the United States ended not a moment too soon for working people and their labor organizations.

Indeed, the 2017 Term’s punctuation point on June 27, 2017, its last opinion day, was a much-anticipated decision that poses serious financial and operational challenges - as well as intriguing opportunities for structural change and new forms of collective activity - for public sector labor unions. Looking more deeply at this term’s decisions, especially in light of the evolving nature of work itself and the widening chasm in negotiating power between workers and business owners, the wisdom of continuing to regard the employment relationship as essentially a contractual one between employees and employers presumed to have roughly equal bargaining power is more open to question than ever.

In this session, consider whether the time is nigh for re-characterizing today’s employment relationship in a more economically fair, socially sensible and jurisprudentially logical way that will better honor federal and state legislative mandates while achieving a greater degree of workplace justice.

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Julianna 'Julie' Theall Earp  [ view bio ]
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Jonathan R Harkavy   [ view bio ]
Daniel C 'Danny' Lyon   [ view bio ]
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