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Original Program: 2018 Basics of Elder & Special Needs Law, October 12, 2018

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The 2018 Basics program features a range of relevant topics that appeal to both seasoned practitioners and attorneys who are new to the practice.

This program offers practical guidance for drafting health-care planning documents, discussing end-of-life health decisions, HIPAA issues, and palliative care with clients.

Attendees also obtain the following benefits:

  • Understand when and how Supplemental Needs Trusts, ABLE Accounts, and pooled trusts will benefit individuals with disabilities
  • Learn more about the NC Uniform Power of Attorney Act and its impact on Elder Law planning
  • Obtain information on eligibility for Medicaid and planning techniques

Planned by the NCBA Elder & Special Needs Law Section

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Product Information
Product Date:
October 12, 2018
Chapter 1 | The Impact of the NC Uniform Power of Attorney Act on Elder Law | 60 minutes

Elder law is a growing specialty and it demands an understanding of more than ten different areas of law.

Elder law attorneys primarily serve people as they age (older persons) and people with disabilities with the aim of helping the client achieve their goals and objectives in the most efficient and resourceful way. The use of a power of attorney is not novel to the practice of elder law. North Carolina’s recent adoption of the Uniform Power of Attorney Act (UPOAA) does not raise new considerations and concerns for elder law attorneys in planning for their clients, however, it increases the importance of understanding present concerns and how careful drafting can further your client’s goals.

Rather than identifying how a power of attorney affects each individual area of law under the umbrella of elder law, this program focuses on the questions you should consider in counseling your client on how a power of attorney can advance, or impact, your client’s estate planning goals.

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Speaker Information
Andrew Cobin   [ view bio ]
Chapter 2 | Introduction to ABLE Accounts and the NC ABLE Program | 60 minutes

Learn how individuals with disabilities can save money on a tax-advantaged basis while preserving SSDI, SSI and Medicaid benefits.

Topics include:

  • Benefits and uses of an ABLE account
  • Eligibility for-and enrolling in-an ABLE account
  • Restrictions on contributions and distributions
  • Structure and features of the NC ABLE program
  • Rollovers and beneficiaries

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Speaker Information
Reid Chisholm   [ view bio ]
Chapter 3 | End-of-Life Health Documents, Decisions and Discussions | 61 minutes

This session provides an overview of end-of-life and palliative care health documents such as health care powers of attorney, advanced directives, DNR forms and MOST forms with a focus on HIPAA issues and how these documents impact end-of-life care.

Learn which end-of-life considerations to discuss with clients when executing these documents and obtain a better understanding of the medical implications these documents have on a patient’s health care.

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Speaker Information
Margaret A Drickamer, MD   [ view bio ]
Chapter 4 | Introduction to Medicaid Eligibility and Planning | 91 minutes

This session provides a broad overview of Medicaid benefits, eligibility and planning techniques.

Hear considerations and strategies for long-term care planning.

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Speaker Information
Aimee L Smith   [ view bio ]
Chapter 5 | Comparison of Supplemental Needs Trusts, Pooled Trusts and ABLE Accounts | 61 minutes

This session explores the financial management options available to individuals with disabilities through supplemental needs trusts, pooled trusts and ABLE accounts.

Learn how each of these accounts differ, when to use each type, and how they can be used individually and together to preserve an individual’s Medicaid and SSI eligibility.

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Speaker Information
Karen Dunivan Konvicka  [ view bio ]
Chapter 6 | Ten Things Estate Litigators Want Estate Planners to Know | 60 minutes

In this session, learn, from a litigator’s perspective, how certain estate planning strategies can adversely create or beneficially avoid the potential for estate-related litigation.

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Speaker Information
Rachel A. Fuerst   [ view bio ]
Chapter 7 | The Price We Pay as Professional Problem Solvers: Understanding Compassion Fatigue | 60 minutes

In this session:

  • Gain an understanding of what compassion fatigue is
  • Understand the signs and symptoms
  • Understand the contributing factors
  • Understand best practices for prevention and mitigation of compassion fatigue

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Speaker Information
Lanee Borsman   [ view bio ]
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