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Effective in 2019, all licensed attorneys are required to complete one hour of CLE devoted to technology training. This hour is part of the annual 12-hour requirement.

NCBA CLE has you covered! Satisfy this 2019 requirement your way by taking a program in any one of the above formats that works best for you.   

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Featured Programs

Mastering Microsoft Word in the Law Office

When legal instruments require complex formatting, most Word users struggle to get the document to look the way they want. If you’re sick of the struggle, this class is designed by a lawyer for legal users to master and control Word.

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Going Paperless: How to Turn Magical Thinking into a Reality

The paperless office has been oft discussed in law practice. Why? Primarily because of the potential to lower costs, improve efficiency and be more mobile. In this deep dive into the practical steps of taking your firm digital.

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Featured ON DEMAND Programs.

From NCBA 2018 Annual Review, October 25-26, 2018:

2018 Privacy and Cybersecurity Annual Review

e-Ethics: Tricks, Traps and Trends

Managing Your Practice into 2019: Tech Tips for Becoming a Tech Savvy Attorney

From The Future of the Law: NCBA 2018 Annual Meeting, June 22-23, 2018:

Blockchain Technology: What Is It and Why do Attorneys Need to Know?

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge: Practical Steps for Avoiding Cyber Threats

Ethical Pitfalls of Everyday Law Office Computing: Tackling Cloud Computer, Cybersecurity, etc., in 2018

Get Organized! Tame the Digital Chaos: Time, Task, Email and Document Management for Legal Professionals

Other On Demands Available: 

Cybersecurity: Technology and Ethical Issues for Lawyers in 2019

Cybersecurity and Practical Issues for Lawyers

eEthics: Tricks, Traps and Trends

Using Clio Practice Management Software to Service Clients, Reduce Firm Risk, and Maintain Competence

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