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Original Program: A Most Stressful Profession: Promoting Civility and Sanity in Your Practice, December 7, 2018

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This session focuses on situations in which a lawyer or judge observes another professional engaging in behavior that calls into question that individual’s professional competence or mental or physical stability and discusses the resources available to the observer as well as the professional whose behavior has caused concern.

This session features a discussion on scenarios where a lawyer or judge’s behavior may be questionable and looks at the action you should take when you see this happen.

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December 07, 2018
When a Lawyer (or Judge) Needs Assistance | 2018 | On Demand
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Judge Wanda G Bryant  [ view bio ]
Richard Hicks  [ view bio ]
Warren T Savage   [ view bio ]
Maureen M Zyglis  [ view bio ]
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