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Original Program: A Most Stressful Profession: Promoting Civility and Sanity in Your Practice, December 7, 2018

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In an age abounding with stories of public and private incivility, division and discrimination, how can lawyers model and promote good behavior in their interactions with members of the bench, bar and public?

And in a time when individual struggles with stress and depression make news every day, how can lawyers recognize and respond to warning signs in themselves and others in ways that promote individual flourishing?

Our featured speaker forges the way by focusing on recent studies relating to interactions between bench and bar, and by exploring the ABA’s 2017 report The Path to Lawyer Well-Being and the 2016 anti-discrimination amendment to Model Rule 8.4.

Following the featured speaker, three panels of experienced North Carolina attorneys and judges engage program attendees in a lively discussion featuring the use of hypotheticals.

Planned by the NCBA Professionalism Committee, the NCBA Justice and Judiciary Committee and NC BarCARES

This program is sponsored in part by the North Carolina Lawyer Assistance Program and Lawyers Mutual

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December 07, 2018
Chapter 1 | Supreme Court Oral Arguments: An Insight into Attorney Behavior and Misbehavior | 55 minutes

Tonja Jacobi is the co-author of a recent study of interruptions of U.S. Supreme Court Justices – by counsel and other justices – during oral argument.

This session focuses on this study and its implications for efforts to strengthen professionalism within the bench and bar including recent efforts by the ABA.

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Speaker Information
Tonja Jacobi   [ view bio ]
Chapter 2 | When a Lawyer (or Judge) Behaves Badly | 75 minutes

This session examines situations in which lawyers or judges (or clients) engage in behavior that is discriminatory, uncivil, or inappropriate toward other professionals or people appearing before them or working with them.

This session features a discussion on scenarios where bad behavior may come into question.

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Speaker Information
Sean Doyle   [ view bio ]
Judge Catherine C Eagles  [ view bio ]
Dayatra Matthews   [ view bio ]
Lisa M Sheppard   [ view bio ]
Chapter 3 | When a Lawyer (or Judge) Needs Assistance | 62 minutes

This session focuses on situations in which a lawyer or judge observes another professional engaging in behavior that calls into question that individual’s professional competence or mental or physical stability and discusses the resources available to the observer as well as the professional whose behavior has caused concern.

This session features a discussion on scenarios where a lawyer or judge’s behavior may be questionable and looks at the action you should take when you see this happen.

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Speaker Information
Judge Wanda G Bryant  [ view bio ]
Richard Hicks  [ view bio ]
Warren T Savage   [ view bio ]
Maureen M Zyglis  [ view bio ]
Chapter 4 | When the One Who Needs Help is You | 62 minutes

This session focuses on the ways a lawyer or judge can recognize when his/her professional life is suffering because of personal struggles, whether due to physical or mental health issues, personal or financial difficulties, or something else.

This session features a discussion on scenarios where a lawyer or judge’s behavior might be a cry for help.

In addition, the panel also shares personal experiences and struggles with mental health and substance abuse.

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Speaker Information
Joseph B 'Joe' Cheshire V   [ view bio ]
Judge David L Hall   [ view bio ]
Claudia N McClinton   [ view bio ]
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