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Original Program: Inside Appeals: Expert Advice to Improve Your Appellate Practice (2018 Appellate Practice Section Annual Meeting), September 28, 2018

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Appellate advocacy involves two overlapping, but varying, skill areas: briefwriting and oral advocacy.

This session and manuscript includes tips on both.

In each of the two skill areas, the tips start with broader advice and move toward finer-grained advice. As appellate advocates, we write for and argue before appellate judges.

The panel in this session discusses what makes written and oral advocacy effective — and what makes it ineffective.

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September 28, 2018
View from the Bench: Tips for Successful Appellate Advocacy | 2018 | On Demand
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Judge Richard D Dietz   [ view bio ]
The Honorable Martha A Geer  [ view bio ]
Justice Barbara A Jackson   [ view bio ]
Solicitor General Matthew W Sawchak   [ view bio ]
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