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Original Program: Inside Appeals: Expert Advice to Improve Your Appellate Practice (2018 Appellate Practice Section Annual Meeting), September 28, 2018

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An all-star slate of speakers leads a deep dive inside appeals to explore thoughtful strategic, practical (and even spiritual) steps you can take to further develop your appellate practice and hone your appellate skills.

In this wide-ranging program designed for intermediate to advanced appellate practitioners, we receive strategic advice from advocates and judges, discuss ways appellate counsel can work with trial counsel and rescue unpreserved errors for the record, revisit lessons from moot court to hone your oral argument skills, and learn how to incorporate mindfulness practices to improve your appellate practice.

Planned by the NCBA Appellate Practice Section

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September 28, 2018
Chapter 1 | Life Preservers on the Titanic: Issues Not Properly Preserved for Appellate Review | 64 minutes

Appellate Rule 10 embodies the general error-preservation principle that the appellate courts only consider contentions that were properly raised, argued and decided in the trial tribunal.

Nonetheless, a limited number of errors are so fundamental that a rule, law or case authority deems them automatically preserved for appellate review.

In addition, doctrines such as plain error review and Appellate Rule 2 give the appellate courts discretion to review unpreserved arguments.

Two experienced appellate practitioners identify different types of error preservation lifesavers — including when an unpreserved issue is likely to go down with the ship.

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Speaker Information
Allegra K Collins  [ view bio ]
Elizabeth B Scherer  [ view bio ]
Chapter 2 | Using Mindfulness to Improve Your Legal Practice | 60 minutes

Mindfulness can positively affect decision-making.

Learn what mindfulness is and how developing it can lead to more professional, ethical decision-making.

Hear about the different types and how meditation is linked to mindfulness.

Finally, learn how to start a meditation practice.

Speaker Information
Sarah E Nagae  [ view bio ]
Chapter 3 | Moot Court Revisited: Lessons for Appellate Practitioners from Moot Court Oral Arguments | 60 minutes

Professor Korzen discusses lessons that appellate practitioners can learn from moot court oral arguments to sharpen their oral advocacy skills. 

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Speaker Information
John J Korzen   [ view bio ]
Chapter 4 Appellate Chess: Strategy for the Appellate Lawyer | 64 minutes

Tactical skills are not just for trial lawyers.

With solid strategic thinking, appellate lawyers can maximize their chances on appeal or achieve a favorable settlement.

Learn from three appellate-practice specialists who are willing — just this once — to share some of their favorite strategies with a room full of competitors.

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Speaker Information
Michelle D Connell   [ view bio ]
Andrew H 'Drew' Erteschik   [ view bio ]
Matthew Nis Leerberg   [ view bio ]
Chapter 5 | Trial and Appellate Lawyers: Partnering Before, During and After Trial | 62 minutes

Too often, we think that trial and appellate lawyers live in different worlds.

In reality, they have many opportunities to work together before, during and after trial.

Topics covered include:

  • Differences in advocacy
  • Similarities
  • Partnering before trial
  • Partnering at trial
  • Partnering on appeal
  • Writing briefs

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Speaker Information
Brian D Boone   [ view bio ]
Michael R Hoernlein   [ view bio ]
Chapter 6 | View from the Bench: Tips for Successful Appellate Advocacy | 63 minutes

Appellate advocacy involves two overlapping, but varying, skill areas: briefwriting and oral advocacy.

This session and manuscript includes tips on both.

In each of the two skill areas, the tips start with broader advice and move toward finer-grained advice. As appellate advocates, we write for and argue before appellate judges.

The panel in this session discusses what makes written and oral advocacy effective — and what makes it ineffective.

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Speaker Information
Judge Richard D Dietz   [ view bio ]
The Honorable Martha A Geer  [ view bio ]
Justice Barbara A Jackson   [ view bio ]
Solicitor General Matthew W Sawchak   [ view bio ]
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