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Creating a Sexual Harassment Policy in Your Law Firm

Selected from A Cultural Shift: Exploring the Boundaries and Repercussions of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, May 11, 2018

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The #MeToo movement is causing many employers to closely examine their sexual harassment policies or to create one if none exists. The legal industry should be no exception.

While the entertainment industry remains front and center in the #MeToo movement, the legal industry is garnering its own coverage.

While attorneys, and particularly employment law attorneys, are the ones trained to defend and prosecute others when it comes to issues of sexual harassment, the legal industry is still vulnerable, perhaps even more so than other industries, to sexual harassment.

If we do not lead the way in creating acceptable, safe, and diverse work environments, we may find ourselves being a party to an employment-based sexual harassment claim.

While legal risk is a necessary consideration, as attorneys, our primary goal should be to provide harmonious, equitable work environments for ourselves, our colleagues, and employees.

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May 11, 2018
Creating a Sexual Harassment Policy in Your Law Firm | 2018 | On Demand

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