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Do I Have All the Tools I Need? Various Torts and Remedies Arising in a Family Law Context

Selected from Brave New World: Is the Future of Family Law Utopian, Dystopian or Somewhere in Between? (2018 Family Law Section Annual Meeting), May 4-5, 2015

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This may come as a shock, but sometimes clients get themselves into situations that are different from what you learned about in law school.

For example: an unmarried client has a car that is a jointly titled with her ex. –

  • Do you know how to fix that?
  • What happens when a client had a short marriage which is ending because of domestic violence?
  • Is she just out of luck because her only remedies are alimony and equitable distribution?
  • What are the remedies when one party has been making secret video or audio recordings of the other?
  • Can you do more than get an injunction?
  • What about property that doesn’t fall under equitable distribution and is titled in one name, but purchased with money from both parties?
  • What if one spouse gave the other a sexually transmitted disease?

You got them in the door; let me help you keep them.

What I am suggesting is that you consider tort claims and common law causes of action, to give your clients more, and sometimes better, remedies than the ones we routinely use in family law.

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Do I Have All the Tools I Need? Various Torts and Remedies Arising in a Family Law Context | 2018 | On Demand

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