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Perilous Intersection: FMLA, ADA and REDA

Selected from Calm in the Midst of the Storm: Legal Issues Surrounding Student and Employee Mental Health (2018 Education Law Section Annual Meeting), March 13, 2018

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The legal issues that spin out of disability in the workplace do not come in single file.

One event may immediately create concurrent questions under the Workers’ Compensation Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The circumstances commonly defy quick and easy answers, and as time goes on, the North Carolina Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act may come into play.

Furthermore, there is no uniform code of disability law.

A workers’ compensation disability may also qualify as a serious health condition under the FMLA but not a disability under the ADA. The nuts and bolts issues under the FMLA eventually give way to more cryptic questions under the ADA.

This session attempts to make sense out of the 12-tone scale of the issues that proceed from this legal intersection.

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March 13, 2018
Perilous Intersection: FMLA, ADA and REDA | 2018 | On Demand

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