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Substance Area versus Process Area Expertise in Mediation

Selected from Communication Skills (2018 Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting), March 16, 2018

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Among mediation professionals and mediation consumers, there is debate about what best qualifies a mediator to serve. Substantive area expertise or process expertise?

The answer to the question may depend on many factors including: the context in which you are mediating; the complexity of the subject area; and what the market (lawyers and clients) thinks is most important. There may be specific rules that guide the process and impact the answer.

This session addresses the two schools of thought -- do you want a mediator who is knowledgeable about your subject matter area or one who knows the process and resembles a juror in lack of subject matter area knowledge?

A panel debates the pros and cons of each.

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March 16, 2018
Substance Area versus Process Area Expertise in Mediation | 2018 | On Demand

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