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Using Clio Practice Management Software to Service Clients, Reduce Firm Risk, and Maintain Competence

Live Studio Webcast, March 28, 2018

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Running a law practice, especially for a small or solo practice, is hard work.

You can't just be competent with the law, but you have to be competent in all aspects of running the business. Of course, you were taught the law in Law School, but probably not all the business details.

Sales, Marketing, Billing, Client management, HR, Office management and delegation, legal work ... it all comes down to you!

So, how can you maintain competence in all areas when you are buried in work that you are not fully equipped to manage? It's a combination of hiring the right people, implementing the right systems, and applying continuous learning about yourself and the firm.

In this webcast (which is your investment in personal continuous learning), we look at the systems you might use in your firm.

We cover some of the ways a practice management tool (Clio) can assist you in reducing risk by improving your personal and firm competence.

Deployment of this and other systems will also increase your productivity and profits, which you can use to invest in people and systems for your business.

Satisfies NC State Bar Technology Training requirement.

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Product Date:
March 28, 2018
Using Clio Practice Management Software to Service Clients, Reduce Firm Risk, and Maintain Competence | 2018 | On Demand

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Doug Koenig   [ view bio ]
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NC State Bar
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