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Original Program: May 4, 2018

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This program offers outstanding opportunities to grow professionally and attend substantive breakout sessions designed to educate you and energize your career.

At this advanced level, one-day program:

  • Learn about important new and recently changed laws including the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, the North Carolina Identity Theft and Protection Act, and immigration law
  • Learn what potential employers are looking for when they search for you on social media - this session provides a beginners guide to what not to put online when you're looking for a job and hear some of the craziest stories from a lawyer who’s seen it all
  • Learn about important developments in civil procedure through case law that has developed since the 2015 amendments to the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure - hear about what’s “hot” and procedural traps for the unwary
  • Learn the basics of trust account transactions, how to prepare reconciliations and identify potential fraud in real estate transactions - review practice tips and recent rule changes, as well as gain a better comfort level with the North Carolina State Bar’s Random Audit Program

Planned by the NCBA Paralegal Division

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Product Information
Product Date:
May 04, 2018
  • How to Assist Lawyers in Transition (Ethics) | Beavers and Hannah
  • General Breakout Session | North Carolina Identity Theft Protection Act | Wall
  • Corporate Breakout Session | Best Practices in Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence | Truesdale
  • Litigation Breakout Session | How to Utilize Technology to Cut Your Litigation Spend in the Age of Big Data | Kuklick
  • Real Property Breakout Session | A Paralegal’s Role in a Commercial Loan Closing | Mosley
  • General Breakout Session | Everything You Wanted to Know About Immigration Law But Were Too Afraid to Ask | Yanez
  • Corporate Breakout Session | Hot Topics with the Secretary of State | Crabbe
  • Litigation Breakout Session | North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure| Wilson
  • Real Property Breakout Session | Legal Descriptions and Surveys: Things are Not Always What They Seem | Markworth
  • General Breakout Session | Updates to the Uniform Power of Attorney Act | Davies
  • Corporate Breakout Session | Social Media Minefields in a Corporate Counsel Setting | Whitaker
  • Litigation Breakout Session | What Would Lincoln Do? | Diaz
  • Real Property Breakout Session | Bankruptcy/Foreclosures/Deeds in Lieu | Rogers
  • General Breakout Session | Employment in the Age of Social Media | Whelchel
  • Corporate Breakout Session | Using and Re-Using Digital Media Content | Huffman
  • Litigation Breakout Session | The Care and Feeding of Court Personnel | Taylor
  • Real Property Breakout Session | Trust Accounting Rules! | Bolac
  • Ethics and Professionalism for the Modern Paralegal | Elliott
2018 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting
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VIDEO REPLAYS. The agenda may not include certain breakouts/tracks shown at the original program.  

Note: The corporate track will be featured in the video replays. Materials for all tracks are provided to attendees.


Speaker Information
Julie D Beavers   [ view bio ]
Peter G Bolac   [ view bio ]
Ann M Cantrell   [ view bio ]
Daniel Crabbe   [ view bio ]
Stephanie C Crosby   [ view bio ]
Janice L Davies  [ view bio ]
Judge Albert Diaz   [ view bio ]
Stephanie B Elliott   [ view bio ]
Nan E Hannah  [ view bio ]
Deborah J (Debbie) Harris   [ view bio ]
Brandon J Huffman   [ view bio ]
Melissa Stockley Jones   [ view bio ]
Brian Kuklick   [ view bio ]
Robert B Markworth   [ view bio ]
Alicia Mitchell Mercer   [ view bio ]
Erin C Mosley   [ view bio ]
Jeff D Rogers   [ view bio ]
Thomas G Taylor   [ view bio ]
Justin G Truesdale   [ view bio ]
F Marshall Wall   [ view bio ]
F Marshall Wall   [ view bio ]
Christopher Whelchel   [ view bio ]
Nicole Whitaker   [ view bio ]
G Gray Wilson  [ view bio ]
Jessica L Yañez  [ view bio ]
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Certified Paralegal Education (CPE) (Total): 6.00
General: 4.00
Ethics/Professional Responsibility: 2.00
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