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Original Program Date: February 15, 2018

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Employment law is critically important to businesses and to the general public, as the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees continually develop and evolve.

The United States Congress and the North Carolina General Assembly continue to change the laws and judicially‐interpreted nuances of employment law continue to expand.

This program provides a general overview and explanation of basic issues in each of the major areas that employment lawyers regularly address.

  • Experienced practitioners presenting their practical knowledge and viewpoints
  • Detailed papers with citations to case law, statutes and applicable regulations
  • A basic primer and useful update condensed into one CLE that you can access in‐person or online

Planned by the NCBA Labor & Employment Law Section

  • Introduction to Federal Employment Discrimination Laws | McMahon and Van Kampen
  • Introduction to North Carolina Employment Law | Essary and Wetsch
  • EEOC Overview | Colclough, Gray and Pauling
  • Basics of Litigating Employment Cases | Kornbluth and Stricklin
  • The Basics of the FMLA and its Interplay with the ADA and Workers’ Compensation | Leaven and Osborne
  • The Intersection of Employment Law and Immigration Law | Bradshaw and Parsonage
  • Basic Wage Protection Law | Edwards and Lay
  • Unemployment Benefits | Adams and Monteith
Product Information
Date Presented:
February 15, 2018 8:40 AM Eastern
9 hours, 35 minutes
2018 Fundamentals of Employment Law

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Speaker Information
Regina S Adams   [ view bio ]
Penni P Bradshaw   [ view bio ]
Thomas M Colclough  [ view bio ]
Bartina L Edwards   [ view bio ]
Melissa A Essary   [ view bio ]
Angela N Gray  [ view bio ]
Michael A Kornbluth  [ view bio ]
Wood W Lay   [ view bio ]
Jessica E Leaven   [ view bio ]
William J McMahon IV   [ view bio ]
Charles E 'Chuck' Monteith Jr   [ view bio ]
J Griffin 'Griff' Morgan   [ view bio ]
Grant B Osborne   [ view bio ]
Helen L Parsonage   [ view bio ]
Corie D Pauling   [ view bio ]
Jill S Stricklin   [ view bio ]
Joshua R 'Josh' Van Kampen   [ view bio ]
Jerry H Walters Jr  [ view bio ]
Laura J Wetsch  [ view bio ]
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