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This comprehensive edition:

  • Provides valuable and thorough analysis of legal issues common to bankruptcy cases;
  • Focuses on procedural and substantive nuances;
  • Offers insight, expertise and background on issues particular to practicing bankruptcy law in North Carolina;
  • Includes a discussion of pertinent case law developments; and
  • Contains updates to the Official Forms, Bankruptcy Rules, local bankruptcy rules, and other essential practices and procedures.

Purchase the fully searchable electronic manual, including fillable/editable forms and other user-friendly features to help you be more efficient in your Bankruptcy practice, or opt to add the hard copy as well! 

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Product Information
Product Date:
December 01, 2017
North Carolina Bankruptcy Practice Manual, Eighth Edition

Page Count: 1432 pp.

Page Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

Book Binding: Custom 3-ring binder



Forms: To open any form/appendix in the book without leaving the main document, simply click on the interactive button ("Click to Open"), which will open either a PDF form with fillable fields or a fully editable MS Word form.  Customize and save the form to your desktop or other device!

Side-Panel TOC: Located side-by-side with the page view, convenient hyperlinks to each major section allow you to easily navigate the book without flipping back and forth to the front matter.

Fully Searchable: Quickly find all instances of a word or phrase that occur within the book.




Speaker Information
Rayford K. ("Trip") Adams III   [ view bio ]
Brian R. Anderson   [ view bio ]
Christopher M. Badger   [ view bio ]
Laurie B. Biggs   [ view bio ]
Sarah D. Bruce   [ view bio ]
Daniel C. Bruton   [ view bio ]
J. P. Cournoyer   [ view bio ]
Robert A. Cox Jr.   [ view bio ]
Hillary B Crabtree   [ view bio ]
Managing Editor: Deborah T. Crowder   [ view bio ]
Brian D Darer  [ view bio ]
Damon Duncan   [ view bio ]
Samuel D. Fleder   [ view bio ]
Joseph Z. Frost   [ view bio ]
D Coleman 'Cole' Hayes   [ view bio ]
Jason L. Hendren   [ view bio ]
Koury L. Hicks   [ view bio ]
A. Lee Hogewood III   [ view bio ]
Jenny P. Holman   [ view bio ]
Charles M. Ivey III   [ view bio ]
Alexandria P. Kenny   [ view bio ]
D. Rodney Kight Jr.   [ view bio ]
James C. Lanik   [ view bio ]
Jennifer A. Ledford   [ view bio ]
James S. "Charlie" Livermon III   [ view bio ]
Marjorie K. Lynch   [ view bio ]
Managing Editor: Michael L. Martinez   [ view bio ]
Pamela W. McAfee   [ view bio ]
Matthew T. McKee   [ view bio ]
A. Scott McKellar   [ view bio ]
C. Scott Meyers   [ view bio ]
William P. Miller   [ view bio ]
Paul A. Munroe   [ view bio ]
Kristen S. Nardone   [ view bio ]
Julie B. Pape   [ view bio ]
Byron L. Saintsing   [ view bio ]
David M. Schilli   [ view bio ]
Kimberly A. Sheek   [ view bio ]
Linda W. Simpson   [ view bio ]
John M. Sperati   [ view bio ]
S. Troy Staley   [ view bio ]
Steven G. Tate   [ view bio ]
James E. Vaughan   [ view bio ]
Joseph J. Vonnegut   [ view bio ]
Benjamin E. F. B. Waller   [ view bio ]
Margaret R. Westbrook   [ view bio ]
Robyn R. C. Whitman   [ view bio ]
A. Cotten Wright   [ view bio ]
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