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"Outstanding program! One of the best I have attended from start to finish."

Attendee of Hot Topics in Real Property (2014 Real Property Winter Program)

“Nice work! Presentations were particularly useful from a practical paralegal perspective and included a plethora of useful resources.” 

Attendee of 2014 North Carolina Certified Paralegal Examination Review Course

“Helped me to see the big picture of law practice again & helped start to rekindle my passion!”

Attendee of 2014 Professionalism for New Attorneys Spring Program


CLE Programs are Going Paperless 


  • Many of our CLE programs are now paperless, including all video replays throughout the state and many LIVE programs.  We anticipate we wil be 100% paperless by July 1, 2015. 


  • When you attend a paperless program, all of your materials for this program will be electronic. You will not receive a paper program manual or notebook when you arrive at the CLE program.


  • You will receive an email notification that program materials are available for download approximately one week before the CLE program.


  • Access your CLE program e-Materials in 4 Easy Steps! It is important that you log in to access materials before the program.

    1. Go to 
    2. Click on the “Login” link in the upper right hand corner.  (If you are already logged in when you get to this page, please log out and log back in to refresh your account.)

    3. Use your NCBA issued member number and password to log in  (If you cannot remember either your NCBA Member Number or password, click on the link that is located just below the blue login button that says “Forgot NCBA Member Number or Password? Click here to retrieve”. An email will instantaneously be sent to your email address on file. Note: Everyone has an account and login information, regardless of NCBA membership status.)                                               
    4. Once you are logged in, click on the tab that says “My Courses” (located under the NCBA logo) on the navigation bar, then select the program title.


  • Your materials can be found under the Resources Tab. You can download individual chapters, or the entire document at one time, whichever you prefer.


  • If you desire, print the materials for your use. We hope you will consider using them electronically. Digital materials save resources and are 100% portable to be whereever you are working. 


  • Be sure you have downloaded your materials to your device (laptop, tablet) before arriving at the program. Or, bring the materials you have printed. 


  • Don’t forget to bring your device (laptop, tablet) to the CLE program with the CLE materials loaded and accessible.


  • Ensure your device is pre-charged before you arrive at the CLE program.


  • While tether charging stations will be available for recharging your device, these charging stations are not available to use for the entire duration of the program. 


  • A limited number of printed materials will be available onsite, for purchase, at the program.  The cost will be nominal, but again, there will be a limited number.


  • After the program concludes, you can also purchase the printed materials online for a nominal fee.


Ethics Crossroads: Where Politics, Professionalism and the Rules of a Professional Responsibility Meet
Ethics Crossroads: Where Politics, Professionalism and the Rules of a Professional Responsibility Meet



Cary | NC Bar Center

Monday Afternoon, January 26, 2015 

Registration: 12:15p
Program: 12:55-4:15p

Also Available via Live Webcast and Video Replay.


Click on the "In Depth" tab for speaker, tuition, location and video replay  information.

This program is geared toward lawyers who serve either as elected representatives or appointed members of a governmental organization such that they find themselves governed by multiple regulatory systems.  

The interactive discussion concentrates on how the various regulations intersect and interact.

This program provides the mandatory substance abuse/mental health hours as well as ethics hours while providing our lawyer/elected officials and lawyers interested in the topic the opportunity to consider where their ethical duties parallel and where they intersect.

  • Review of the Rules of Professional Conduct and the Canons of Professionalism
  • Review of the North Carolina Code of Ethics (does not fulfill mandatory Ethics training for members of the General Assembly)
  • Discuss and consider the intersection of the various bodies of regulations as they would apply to those in elected or appointed public service.
Hobby Lobby, Town of Greece and Hosanna Tabor: The U.S. Supreme Court
Hobby Lobby, Town of Greece and Hosanna Tabor: The U.S. Supreme Court's Recent Religion Cases (2015 Constitutional Rights & Responsibilities Section Annual Meeting)


Cary | NC Bar Center

Thursday, January 29, 2015 

Registration: 7:45a
Program: 8:25a-4:45p

Also Available via Live Webcast and Video Replay.


Click on the "In Depth" tab for speaker, tuition, location and video replay  information.

The United States Supreme Court’s decisions in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Town of Greece v. Galloway, and Hosanna Tabor Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC have brought questions about the role of religion in our legal system and in our society to the forefront of public debate.

The Court has ruled that, in some instances, for-profit corporations need not comply with regulations that violate their religious beliefs.

It has upheld a local government’s practice of having local clergy offer prayers at town council meetings, even though most of the prayers were explicitly Christian.

The Court has also limited the application of employment discrimination laws to church employers.

Collectively, these rulings have profound implications for the extent to which religious beliefs may excuse private companies and churches from legal obligations and the degree to which religious practices may be incorporated into government functions.

This full-day program explores those implications with the help of scholars and practitioners who focus on legal issues involving religion.

Attorneys for local governments, private companies that attempt to operate in line with religious beliefs, or religious organizations will want to attend.

The program is of interest to anyone who cares about religious liberty or the relationship between church and state.

At this program:

  • Review the Supreme Court’s decisions in Hobby Lobby, Town of Greece, & Hosanna Tabor
  • Hear how the decisions fit in with the Supreme Court’s past treatment of religious issues
  • Learn about subsequent litigation that could be affected by the decisions  
  • Consider how important issues raised but not answered by the decisions might be resolved
  • Evaluate best practices for private companies, local governments, and religious organizations in light of the decisions

In addition:

  • Learn about the right to religious liberty under the NC Constitution
  • Review the ethical obligations of organizational attorneys

Planned by the NCBA Constitutional Right and Responsibilities Section

Litigating Complex Business Disputes in the Business Court and Beyond (2015 Antitrust & Complex Business Disputes Section Annual Meeting)
Litigating Complex Business Disputes in the Business Court and Beyond (2015 Antitrust & Complex Business Disputes Section Annual Meeting)


Cary | NC Bar Center

Friday, February 6, 2015 

Registration: 8:15a
Program: 8:55a-4:30p

Also Available via Live Webcast and Video Replay.



Click on the "In Depth" tab for speaker, tuition, location and video replay  information.

Recent statutory changes and judicial decisions have affected complex business litigation in North Carolina.  

From changes to statutes concerning the designation of cases to the North Carolina Business Court, to judicial decisions concerning attorney-client privilege, the ground has shifted for attorneys and parties involved in complex business disputes.  

Listen to a group of experienced and distinguished attorneys and judges explain changes in the law and best practices regarding various aspects of business litigation in North Carolina.

This program provides:

  • Important updates regarding the statutes affecting the North Carolina Business Court, as well as recent decisions from the Business Court;
  • Best practices and practical suggestions from seasoned litigators and judges regarding discovery and motion practice;
  • A discussion of mental health issues from the perspective of an accomplished litigator;
  • The opportunity to hear current Business Court Judges discuss practice in their courtrooms.

Planned by the NCBA Antitrust & Complex Business Disputes Law Section.

NCBAF CLE Passport
NCBAF CLE Passport




Explore a new world of learning options this year with the CLE Passport.

  • With one affordable purchase, gain year-round access to top quality live and online CLE/CPE.
  • The issues you care about, taught by local experts you can trust.
  • The credits you need and the flexibility you expect at an affordable, prepaid price. 
  • Now that’s a perfect balance.


  • Tuition-free program admission after Passport purchase.
  • Includes Live, Video Replay and Online programs.
  • All programs are now 100% Paperless and materials are offered electronically at no additional cost for all programs that you attend.  Printed materials are offered for an additional charge. 
  • All NC State Bar MCLE fees paid on your behalf by the NCBA Foundation.
  • 30% off select CLE Bookstore purchases.
  • Firm Discounts are also available. Email for more information.
  • 2014 Passport holders receive a $50 discount off a 2015 Passport. Discount taken at checkout.

Hours of Live, Video Replay and Online Programming 24 Hours of CLE 12 Hours of CPE
Pricing for NCBA Members $649 $329
Pricing for Non-NCBA Members $999 $529


  • Rolling Enrollment! The Passport Program runs for 12 consecutive months from the date of purchase.


  • PHONE | Credit card only. Non-NCBA members MUST phone/call to purchase.
    919.677.8745 or 800.228.3402 (ask for CLE)

*Participants will receive an email confirming the purchase of their CLE Passport and their date of enrollment.


  • CLE Passports are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  • Participants may cancel their registration for a program within three (3) business days after the program date with no penalty.
  • Participants failing to cancel their registration will be charged a $25 administrative processing fee and will not receive program materials.
  • Tuition-free admission to LIVE and Video Replay programs as well as online programs to include Online CLE, Webcasts, Webinars and Podcasts.
  • Phone/Audio Streaming Seminars and other Third-Party provider programs (included Periaktos Productions Webcast Series) are excluded from the NCBA Passport Program.
  • LIVE/Video Replay CLE/CPE programs exceptions include: The NCBA Annual Review, The NC/SC Labor Law or Construction Law Annual Meeting (when held in SC), the NC Family Law Intensive workshops, the Professionalism for New Admittees (PNA), professional speaker programs and the NCBA Annual Meeting CLEs.
  • When possible, these excluded programs are offered at a reduced tuition rate and therefore do not count against hours used under your CLE Passport.
  • Program materials are provided electronically for online programs, for all Video Replay programs and for many of our LIVE programs. Printed program materials are available for purchase for a nominal charge after the program concludes by visiting the CLE Bookstore or by calling the CLE Department at 800.677.0561, ask for CLE.

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