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"The Critical Construction Law Cases book provides an excellent starting point for the construction law practitioner for research and study in multiple areas that are useful in assisting and advising clients in the industry."

Bob Brady, The Law Office of Robert A. Brady, Cary of Critical Construction Law Cases

"Overall exellent topics and very informative."

Attendee of 2014 Intellectual Property Law Section Annual Meeting

"Could not have been presented better. I definitely plan to volunteer and be a contributing member of the NCBA."

Attendee of 2014 Professionalism for New Attorneys Spring Program


CLE Programs are Going Paperless 


  • Many of our CLE programs are now paperless, including all video replays throughout the state and many LIVE programs.  We anticipate we wil be 100% paperless by July 1, 2015. 


  • When you attend a paperless program, all of your materials for this program will be electronic. You will not receive a paper program manual or notebook when you arrive at the CLE program.


  • You will receive an email notification that program materials are available for download approximately one week before the CLE program.


  • Access your CLE program e-Materials in 4 Easy Steps! It is important that you log in to access materials before the program.

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    4. Once you are logged in, click on the tab that says “My Courses” (located under the NCBA logo) on the navigation bar, then select the program title.


  • Your materials can be found under the Resources Tab. You can download individual chapters, or the entire document at one time, whichever you prefer.


  • If you desire, print the materials for your use. We hope you will consider using them electronically. Digital materials save resources and are 100% portable to be whereever you are working. 


  • Be sure you have downloaded your materials to your device (laptop, tablet) before arriving at the program. Or, bring the materials you have printed. 


  • Don’t forget to bring your device (laptop, tablet) to the CLE program with the CLE materials loaded and accessible.


  • Ensure your device is pre-charged before you arrive at the CLE program.


  • While tether charging stations will be available for recharging your device, these charging stations are not available to use for the entire duration of the program. 


  • A limited number of printed materials will be available onsite, for purchase, at the program.  The cost will be nominal, but again, there will be a limited number.


  • After the program concludes, you can also purchase the printed materials online for a nominal fee.


Emerging Issues in Juvenile Court (2016 Juvenile Justice and Children
Emerging Issues in Juvenile Court (2016 Juvenile Justice and Children's Rights Section Annual Meeting)


Cary | NC Bar Center

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Registration: 8:00a
Program: 8:25a-2:30p

Click on the "In Depth" tab for tuition, location and speaker information.

In 2016, the General Assembly passed new legislation designed to improve outcomes for children involved with the juvenile court system.

Several new initiatives and local practices are also impacting the representation of children in juvenile court.

This CLE program features experienced attorneys from across the state who discuss ways these new laws and initiatives are changing juvenile court practice for attorneys handling both child welfare and juvenile delinquency cases.

The speakers address the following emerging issues:

  • The new concurrent planning law in child welfare cases
  • Preventing school suspensions for juveniles with special education needs
  • Post-disposition advocacy tools for juvenile defenders
  • Keeping older juveniles out of court through misdemeanor diversion programs
  • Addressing ethical dilemmas in juvenile court

Planned by the NCBA Juvenile Justice and Children's Rights Section

Navigating Recent Changes that Affect Your Real Estate Practice (2016 Real Property Section Annual Meeting)
Navigating Recent Changes that Affect Your Real Estate Practice (2016 Real Property Section Annual Meeting)


New Bern | New Bern Riverfront Convention Center

Friday-Saturday, May 13-14, 2016

Friday Registration: 8:15a
Friday Program: 8:55a-12:15p
Saturday Program: 8:55a-12:30p

Also Available via Video Replay

Click on the "In Depth" tab for tuition, location, video replay and speaker information.

The 2016 Real Property Section Annual Meeting continues the Section’s goal of informing you of emerging issues, updating you on recent and pending case law, and refreshing your knowledge about less common transactions.

Attendees find answers to the following timely and important questions:  

  • What effect will recent federal court orders legalizing same-sex marriage have on the practice of real estate?
  • How will recent developments in case law affect your day-to-day practice?
  • Is there any life left in the Map Act?
  • Will attempts by the EPA to amend the Clean Water Act impact developers?
  • What authority do local governments have to acquire and grant interests in real property for economic development?

Planned by the NCBA Real Property Section

NCBA 2016 Annual Meeting CLE
NCBA 2016 Annual Meeting CLE

CLE PROGRAMS at the NCBA 2016 Annual Meeting | Join the North Carolina Bar Association’s notable experts and unsung heroes for hours of interesting and dynamic CLE created just for you.  

Click here to access the 2016 NCBA Annual Meeting homepage. 

Click on the "In Depth" tab for program location and hotel accommodations.


Early bird rates good through June 16.

  Friday, June 24

2016 Best of the Paralegal Division Annual Meeting (from 2016 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting, May 6, 2016) | #454CON
VIDEO | 1:15-4:30p | CPE Credit 3.0 Hours, including 1.0 Hour Ethics/Professional Responsibility | Early $90 | Regular $110
According to Aristotle, one of the three core attributes of successful rhetoric is ethos--that is, credibility in the eyes of the audience. In this interactive presentation, Professor Laura Graham highlights several ways you can enhance the credibility of your legal writing, whether you are a novice or a veteran. High-demand practices can wreak havoc on our health. Stress, long hours in front of a computer, inadequate sleep and the solitary nature of our work increase our vulnerability to major health issues including weight gain, depression, high blood pressure and substance abuse. In this session, Ms. Nagae explores the connections between our work and our well-being and provides meaningful tools for improving your physical and professional health.  >REGISTER NOW

The Law of Robots: Changing Law for Thinking Machines (from Studio Webcast, February 23, 2016) | #514CON
VIDEO | 2:10-3:10p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early Bird $55 | Regular $75
People often think of robots as the stuff of science fiction — but we’re surrounded by them every day. Siri makes suggestions on your smartphone; IBM’s Watson is the world’s Jeopardy champion; Google is perfecting self-driving cars, and drones carry out military missions a world away, all with increasing autonomy. How do we regulate and police a world in which actions are increasingly taken by machines, using laws drafted sometimes centuries ago? Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase and an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law, where he teaches a class on the Law of Robots, discusses the implications of artificial intelligence, robots, and law — not for some remote future, but for the systems invisibly surrounding us right now.  >REGISTER NOW 

Touchy Tom: A Workplace Love Story | #542CON
LIVE | 2:10-3:10p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early $55 | Regular $75
This presentation incorporates a “real world” scenario of an employee complaint of sexual harassment and discusses a broad range of employment law topics, including: (1) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, (2) sexual harassment, (3) social media issues, (4) attorney-client privilege issues and (5) practical ways to reduce legal risk in the workplace.  >REGISTER NOW 

Bridging Generational Differences in Today's Law Firm | #543CON
LIVE | 2:10-3:10p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early $55 | Regular $75
Social scientists believe that each generation experiences "defining moments" during their formative years that shape their core values, motivations, and expectations of behaviors. Each generation’s perspective is important, credible and relevant to them. So welcome to today's law firm, with as many as four generations of lawyers trying to work together. Examine the different motivations, values, and work-life styles of the four generations; Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennials. This session provides practical tools that each generation of lawyers can use to understand, appreciate, and even embrace generational differences within their organization.  >REGISTER NOW

Jury Selection Rules and Tips for the “Relatively” New Trial Lawyer (from Studio Webcast, April 13, 2016) | #531CON
VIDEO | 3:30-4:30p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early Bird $55 | Regular $75
Join Hoyt Tessener as he explores the basic rules, objectives and techniques for jury selection. Real world experiences are discussed in this interactive experience where your questions are addressed. Focus is placed on planning your jury selection, identifying jurors and making the split second decision to keep or strike.  >REGISTER NOW 

Recent Developments in the Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Regimes | #544CON
LIVE | 3:30-4:30p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early $55 | Regular $75
The SEC's whistleblower program presents a great opportunity for the government, and great risk to public and private companies, and the attorneys who represent them. In recent months the SEC and the courts have filled headlines with a number of developments in the SEC's whistleblower program.  >REGISTER NOW

  Saturday, June 25

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Team and City Perspectives on Sports Facilities and Project Financing (from Studio Webcast, April 19, 2016) | #534CON
VIDEO | 2:10-3:10p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early Bird $55 | Regular $75
Hear the differing and sometimes competing perspectives of professional sports franchises and the cities in which they play in regard to the construction, operation, use and financing of major sports facilities such as stadiums and arenas. Understand the perspectives of both parties and enhance your skills for future negotiations and management of ongoing relationships after construction and the start of play.  >REGISTER NOW

Interaction Between Law Enforcement and First Responders for Lawyers and Judges | #546CON
LIVE | 2:10-3:10p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early $55 | Regular $75
This program is for all lawyers and judges on the interaction between law enforcement and first responders on an emergency call. These interactions are timely in light of the huge rise in incidents on scene when an individual is arrested at a traffic stop, domestic violence call, individual with mental disability or impairment, racial profiling, etc. Most lawyers and judges have no idea how an emergency call is handled from start to finish. Find out how law enforcement, first responders and 911 operators are trained and the information needed when arriving on scene. We all like to be "Monday morning quarterbacks" but if we don't know anything at all about the game and how it is played it is hard to judge the eventual outcome and successfully assist clients.  >REGISTER NOW

Requirements for International Shareholders | #547CON
LIVE | 2:10-3:10p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early $55 | Regular $75
In an age of globalization, it is increasingly likely that a company or owner of a North Carolina enterprise may be interested in selling an equity interest to a non-U.S. citizen. The intent of this topic is to acquaint lawyers with the primary considerations applicable to the sale of equity interests to non-U.S. shareholders. We discuss impacts on various types of corporate entities, tax and governance considerations, as well as a detailed look at the reporting requirements of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis.  >REGISTER NOW

A Dog and Pony Show: Dangerous Dog Laws in NC and Basics of Equine Liability (from Studio Webcast, April 27, 2016) | #532CON
VIDEO | 3:30-4:30p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early Bird $55 | Regular $75
Did you know a dog can be deemed dangerous and get a life sentence without ever having bitten anyone and your client’s due process may not even allow you to ask questions at the hearing? In this program, we examine various issues with dangerous dog laws and appeals in North Carolina, along with the basics of equine liability. In our final twenty minutes, we answer the most common questions related to companion animal and equine cases, including those related to statutory liability provisions, common law considerations and the advisability and effectiveness of liability waivers.  >REGISTER NOW

Understanding and Defending Probation Violations | #548CON
LIVE | 3:30-4:30p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early $55 | Regular $75
Attendees learn the ins and outs of probation violation in District and Superior Courts, along with a discussion of the steps of a probation violation case from the filing of a violation report to the violation hearing. Finally, we explore tips and strategies helpful in your practice.  >REGISTER NOW

In Guns We Trust | #549CON
LIVE | 3:30-4:30p | Credit 1.0 Hour | Early $55 | Regular $75
Topics include trust planning for firearms, with a focus on the National Firearms Act and North Carolina related laws. We discuss the laws governing certain weapons under the National Firearms Act, the penalties for failure to comply with the law, applicable North Carolina laws, the advantages of using a trust to hold firearms, and handling firearms in an estate.  >REGISTER NOW


On Demand Programs
On Demand Programs

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Professionalism for New Attorneys (PNA) Spring 2016 Programs
Professionalism for New Attorneys (PNA) Spring 2016 Programs

Tuesday-Wednesday, May 17-18, 2016
Live at the NC Bar Center, Cary
(Also available via video replay)
Click here to register 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 | Live Webcast
Wednesday, May 18, 2016 | Live at the NC Bar Center, Cary
Click here for Tuesday webcast 
Click here for Wednesday live 


Once you pass the North Carolina State Bar examination, NC State Bar rules require you to take the Professionalism for New Attorneys (PNA) course from an approved provider.*

The North Carolina Bar Association’s PNA program is a mandatory two-day, 12-hour continuing legal education (CLE) program designed to give newly licensed attorneys a greater understanding of law practice management, trust accounts, NC State Bar rules and requirements, professionalism and ethics, and the grievance process.

The majority of new North Carolina attorneys have met their PNA requirement with this North Carolina Bar Association program.

The 2016 NC Bar Association program features: 

  • Live and webcast combination program options | Build the PNA that meets your schedule and your needs. Attend both days live, or take advantage of the Webcast option. It’s up to you!
  • Free professional headshots | Have a professional profile photo taken for your business social media. Photo sessions will be available during specific breaks.
  • Book sale | Build your law library with legal resources. 
  • Special NC Bar Association free membership opportunity | Program participants who join the NCBA will enjoy membership benefits through June 2017; includes one free section membership!
  • Networking reception | Sponsored by the NCBA Young Lawyers Division (YLD)
  • Day 2 on-site attendance includes: 
    • Tailored content for Solo/Small firms, Associate/Mid–Large size firms, Corporate Counsel and Government/Public practices
    • Trust account management
    • Law practice technology updates
    • Financial planning strategies for managing undergraduate and law school debt when starting out. 



Complete your PNA requirement in two days consecutively or, for your convenience, take the first day by Live Webcast and then join us in Cary at the NC Bar Center for the second day.

Below are the Two-Day and Mix-and-Match options: 

Tuesday-Wednesday, May 17-18, 2016 | Live Cary, NC Bar (and video replays) | Click here for more information

Tuesday-Wednesday, May 17-18, 2016 | Live Cary, NC Bar (and video replays) | Click here for more information

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
| Live Cary, NC Bar Center | Click here for more information

More Two-Day and Mix-and-Match dates will be scheduled in October 2016.


CLE CREDIT: 12.0 Hours (Includes 11.0 Hours Ethics/Professional Responsibility and 1.0 Hour Substance Abuse/Mental Health credits)


The Evolving Trends of White Collar Criminal Law in North Carolina (2016 White Collar Crime Program)
The Evolving Trends of White Collar Criminal Law in North Carolina (2016 White Collar Crime Program)



Greensboro | Elon University School of Law

Friday, May 13, 2016

Registration: 8:15a
Program: 8:40a-5:15p
Networking Reception: 5:30-until

Click on the "In Depth" tab for tuition, location, video replay and speaker information.

This CLE program addresses a broad array of topics relating to complex white collar criminal law—in both federal and state court.

Learn how today’s practices differ from those in the past and receive a forecast of what may be ahead.

This unique program covers a wide variety of practical aspects of business crimes, including:

  • Possible heightened risks for individual executives per DOJ’s new Yates Memo
  • The range of ethical issues that arise in internal investigation
  • The importance of advocacy at the pre-charge phase  
  • A primer on the government’s tools for following (and seizing) “the money”
  • Some tips on common grounds for effective downward variance motions in white collar cases
  • Advice on the importance of preserving issues in business crimes trials

In short, this program provides invaluable and practical training for lawyers who practice in criminal, corporate and regulatory compliance settings.

Planned by the NCBA Criminal Justice Section