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Attendee of 2014 Intellectual Property Law Section Annual Meeting

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Bill P. Benjamin, Higgins Benjamin PLLC, Greensboro of NCBAF Publications

"Could not have been presented better. I definitely plan to volunteer and be a contributing member of the NCBA."

Attendee of 2014 Professionalism for New Attorneys Spring Program
2015 Military and Veterans Affairs Committee (MVAC) Program on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel
2015 Military and Veterans Affairs Committee (MVAC) Program on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel



Cary | NC Bar Center

Thursday-Friday, September 17-18, 2015 
Registration: 8:15a
Thursday: 8:55a-4:15p
Friday: 8:55a-4:15p       

Also Available via Live Webcast.

Click on the "In Depth" tab for tuition, location, full agenda and speaker information.

Planned in cooperation with the NC State Bar Legal Assistance for Military Personnel Committee (LAMP).

This educational program serves military attorneys and paralegals working in legal assistance, as well as civilian counsel whose practices involve military clients or issues.

This program is funded, in part, by an Endowment Grant from the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation.



CLE Programs are Going Paperless 


  • Many of our CLE programs are now paperless, including all video replays throughout the state and many LIVE programs.  We anticipate we wil be 100% paperless by July 1, 2015. 


  • When you attend a paperless program, all of your materials for this program will be electronic. You will not receive a paper program manual or notebook when you arrive at the CLE program.


  • You will receive an email notification that program materials are available for download approximately one week before the CLE program.


  • Access your CLE program e-Materials in 4 Easy Steps! It is important that you log in to access materials before the program.

    1. Go to 
    2. Click on the “Login” link in the upper right hand corner.  (If you are already logged in when you get to this page, please log out and log back in to refresh your account.)

    3. Use your NCBA issued member number and password to log in  (If you cannot remember either your NCBA Member Number or password, click on the link that is located just below the blue login button that says “Forgot NCBA Member Number or Password? Click here to retrieve”. An email will instantaneously be sent to your email address on file. Note: Everyone has an account and login information, regardless of NCBA membership status.)                                               
    4. Once you are logged in, click on the tab that says “My Courses” (located under the NCBA logo) on the navigation bar, then select the program title.


  • Your materials can be found under the Resources Tab. You can download individual chapters, or the entire document at one time, whichever you prefer.


  • If you desire, print the materials for your use. We hope you will consider using them electronically. Digital materials save resources and are 100% portable to be whereever you are working. 


  • Be sure you have downloaded your materials to your device (laptop, tablet) before arriving at the program. Or, bring the materials you have printed. 


  • Don’t forget to bring your device (laptop, tablet) to the CLE program with the CLE materials loaded and accessible.


  • Ensure your device is pre-charged before you arrive at the CLE program.


  • While tether charging stations will be available for recharging your device, these charging stations are not available to use for the entire duration of the program. 


  • A limited number of printed materials will be available onsite, for purchase, at the program.  The cost will be nominal, but again, there will be a limited number.


  • After the program concludes, you can also purchase the printed materials online for a nominal fee.


North Carolina Child Support Calculator - 2015 Download - FREE 10-day Trial
North Carolina Child Support Calculator - 2015 Download - FREE 10-day Trial

We are pleased to offer a FREE 10-day trial of the completely new subscription-based child support software,* developed by NC attorney and NCBA Family Law Section member Ketan Soni.

This new software:

  • Provides child support calculations for lawyers, judges and mediators pursuant to the 2015 North Carolina Child Support Guidelines (effective January 1, 2015).
  • Is in a new and improved format, making it easier than ever to use.
  • For the first time, is available as a digital annual subscription.
  • Is compatible with both PC and MAC.
  • Provides two licenses with each subscription, allowing you to install the software on two devices or to share with your paralegal.
  • Is in a download format only and is available immediately once purchased.

*In order to download and use the PC version of this software, you must have Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer. In order to download and use the MAC version of this software, you must have Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer.


Please follow the below instructions to access your FREE 10-day trial download of the 2015 Child Support Calculator software:

         1. If you have not already done so, please login to your account. 

         2. Click on "Add to Cart" under Products at the bottom right of this page.

         3. Proceed to the cart and click "Check Out."

Once you have completed the checkout process, click here for instructions on how to download the software to your computer.


For additional information on using this software, please click the below links to view instructional videos:

Part 1: Why this calculator versus others?

Part 2: Worksheet A

Part 3: Worksheet B

Part 4: Deviation

Part 5: Worksheet C


Click here to purchase the annual subscription of the 2015 NC Child Support Calculator.

On Demand Programs
On Demand Programs

Click here to see our full On Demand catalog! 

Retiring Well: Developing Strategies for a Successful Transition
Retiring Well: Developing Strategies for a Successful Transition


Cary | NC Bar Center

Friday, September 25, 2015 

Registration: 8:15a
Program: 8:55a-4:30p

Also Available via Live Webcast


Click on the "In Depth" tab for tuition, location and speaker information. 

"Lawyers are not very good at retiring."  

This statement gives rise to an intriguing in-depth program studying issues related to retirement planning, normal aging, and cognitive impairment.  Lawyers are practicing longer because we are living longer.  Gone are the days where one could assume that death and retirement were hand in hand.

This program is designed to explore challenges being faced in all professions, the impact of cognitive impairment and of normal aging on lawyers’ competency, and to challenge lawyers to prepare for and look forward to life in retirement.

  • Retiring Well – Physically, mentally and emotionally preparing for retirement.
  • Protecting clients and the profession from lawyers practicing too long in terms of competency.
  • Examining the signs and symptoms of cognitive decline – normal aging v. cognitive impairment.
  • Positive News – Thoughts, ideas and suggestions for positively approaching retirement and for retiring well.
  • Ways the legal profession can support its members in learning how to retire well.

About the guest speaker: Join keynote speaker Meryl Comer, award-winning TV business reporter and New York Times best-selling author of Slow Dancing with a Stranger: Lost and Found in The Age of Alzheimer’s, as she shares an unvarnished account of her physician husband’s early onset battle with Alzheimer’s disease, one of today’s most pressing and least-understood global health epidemics. No one over 50 is immune from this fatal neurodegenerative disease for which there is no cure or disease modifying therapies. Ms. Comer serves as President and CEO at the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative in Washington D.C.  The Alzheimer’s Initiative is leading efforts to fund innovative projects that advance awareness, diagnosis and research in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.


War of the Roses in the Digital Age, Part II: The Roses Go to Court (2015 Family Law Fall Program)
War of the Roses in the Digital Age, Part II: The Roses Go to Court (2015 Family Law Fall Program)


Greensboro | Grandover Resort and Conference Center

Friday, September 11, 2015 

Registration: 8:30a
Program: 8:55a-4:15p

Also Available via Video Replay.             

Click on the "In Depth" tab for tuition, location, video replay and speaker information.

In 2013, we brought you War of the Roses in the Digital Age: A Hypothetical Family Law Case along with the interplay of their exploding marriage in the age of electronic evidence and social media. Now, in 2015, the Roses are going to court.

This program features the how-to’s of litigating a case with electronic evidence. The manuscript (delivered electronically, of course) features practical information including sample complaints, discovery and sample bench briefs with legal research and analysis.

The program includes insightful presentations by the diverse panel and video highlights of the “actual” trial of Rose v. Rose.

Planned by the NCBA Family Law Section